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13th Aug 2008, 16:28
A quite day at work zooming in and out of Google Earth (a very sad but distracting way to pass the time).

During my zoomfest at LHR there are all the aircraft lining up, taxing, parked up etc. But why is there nothing showing in the air? I guess this relates to the whole of Google Earth.

Theres cars on the streets, people on the pavement, boats in the water....but no aircraft in the skies...how come?

If this has been covered before then I am sorry....actually I'm not, just being polite ;)

13th Aug 2008, 17:02
There are, but not easy to see, plenty of references to aircraft seen on Google Earth around the net - even some web sites for a/c spotters on GE.


BTW, not the dumbest question I have experienced. I was once asked by a salesman if I wanted a test drive in a BMW - I was driving an Aston Martin at the time - now that IS dumb (or VERY optimistic)

Bern Oulli
13th Aug 2008, 17:08
Try here (http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlcatn24p10/Aircraft-in-flight.htm) for quite a few examples. Somewhere over England can be seen the Lanc I believe, unless the imagery has been updated.

13th Aug 2008, 17:10
Well, perhaps you being betwix BRUM & Enema!!!!!

13th Aug 2008, 17:17
Somewhere over England can be seen the Lanc I believe, unless the imagery has been updated.

The Lancaster was flying over Stukely Meadows in Huntingdon, but has since managed to escape Google Earth and land somwhere.

13th Aug 2008, 17:44
The Lancaster was flying over Stukely Meadows in Huntingdon,

See it HERE. (http://www.avro-lancaster.com/Theghostoutoftime)

13th Aug 2008, 18:56
This is one of my favourites... (from MS Live Local - not sure if it's on Google Earth as well as I haven`t checked) - Near Sunderland by the way...


13th Aug 2008, 19:38
There's a PA28 just airborne at Denham.

13th Aug 2008, 20:21
Of course the image editors have a range of images (that are patched together) so they may choose to eliminate any that show unusual objects (or, conversely decide to include them).
Difficulties arise when the subject area is persistently covered in cloud (just south of Edinburgh springs to mind).

13th Aug 2008, 21:50
While the largest part of the Google Earth collection is satellite based (Landsat etc), detailed imagery comes from aerial cameras. The survey aircraft will generally fly at low to mid altitudes depending on the capture area, level of detail required and focal length of the camera lens.

One of the reasons other aircraft are not seen easily is the depth of field of the camera lens, which can limit the distances where objects come into sharp focus. Most good shots of random aircraft are close to the subject of the survey, which is of course the terrain below. Others at higher altitudes usually come out as an unrecognizable blur.

Close-up images of populated areas are normally processed into orthophotos which are geometrically corrected photos that have the accuracy of a map. During the ortho process, there is often more than once source of the image to publish and clouds, aircraft and other errata not intended for publication can be selected out.

Unlike these few paragraphs, the earth from above is fascinating to ponder and view.

uffington sb
13th Aug 2008, 22:14
Have a look at Frankfurt Main airport.
You can see a stream of three B747's taking off in an easterly direction.
Of course it's the same aircraft as you can see by the same traffic, but in different places, on the autobahn.

13th Aug 2008, 22:24
Two aircraft in flight at 55deg 57'26.68N 4deg 8'20.94W

15th Aug 2008, 14:20

Thanks kids :ok:

15th Aug 2008, 14:27
Not quite the dumbest of questions.

As I was explaining to Mrs UK, the reason why runway 06 at EGCC was now 05, she wondered how may diggers it took to move the runway.:ugh:

15th Aug 2008, 20:35
There's a download which you can add to Google Earth called "All aircraft in flight". Once downloaded it adds a tickbox to you "Places" pane.

There are hundreds of labelled and zoomable aircraft in flight all over the UK and Europe!

This is where I got the download from:

Google Earth Community: **All Aircraft in Flight** (http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=EarthTransportation&Number=360116&fpart=&PHPSESSID)


15th Aug 2008, 20:40
This addon to Google Earth terrified me.

Mobile cell phone GPS tracking (http://www.track-your-partner.com/)

15th Aug 2008, 20:53
Also worth looking at is Local Live Maps (http://local.live.com) the Microsoft version of Google Earth. In some ways it is a lot better for certain areas, with birds eye views of specially surveyed areas.

BAMRA wake up
15th Aug 2008, 21:00
Try zooming in on central London here:

Street Maps - Maps and Travel (http://www.192.com/maps/)

Zoom in and the map changes to aerial photography. You can even see litter on some of the pavements!

15th Aug 2008, 22:02
What an interesting topic to have raised !

Have just looked at Manchester ( EGCC ), and it's still showing the runways as 06L / 24R and 06R / 24L. That's been changed now for many months !

I can also see my own red car on my own drive, about 8 nm SE of EGCC !

15th Aug 2008, 22:23
I can see someone else`s car parked on my drive!

15th Aug 2008, 22:27
Was just looking at Goa.The airport there has a nice shot of Indian navy Bear and IL-38.

16th Aug 2008, 04:29
Loki, honest it ain't mine!

compressor stall
16th Aug 2008, 12:59
Check out these two aircraft in Antarctica - S66d42'06.62" E139d49'10.20" Here they are in Wikimaps (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-66.7015875&lon=139.8185349&z=17&l=0&m=a&v=2) - thanks G-CPTN

The image was taken on Nov 30 or Dec 1 last year - we only had them parked at that "strip" for two days....

16th Aug 2008, 13:16
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-66.7016172&lon=139.8185134&z=17&l=0&m=a&v=1)

Perspective (!) :- Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-66.7016172&lon=139.8185134&z=2&l=0&m=a&v=1)

16th Aug 2008, 17:23
Check out these two aircraft in Antarctica - S66d42'06.62" E139d49'10.20"
Little Goggle Earth translation:
6642'06.62"S 13949'10.20"E :ok:

16th Aug 2008, 23:25
G-CPTN recommends Wikimapia but surely that is merely the original setup used by Google Earth. In my case the pic is 5 years or more old. Besides the ungrown garden it shows the bright red car of one of my neighbours in his driveway. That car was sold some 3 years ago.

Anyway Google Earth is much more flexible - so why change?

That said, I note that Google does not update its pics very often. Is this CIA or Google policy?

17th Aug 2008, 00:05
I merely recommend Wikimapia because it is the only one that I know how to transmit a particular location and view to others.
I've never fathomed how to do this in Google Earth (apart from quoting coordinates), whereas in Wikimapia I can send different scales and different formats to illustrate exactly what I see. Recipients can also pan, zoom and change from satellite to map (and add/remove 'places') easily.
Google Earth is probably more powerful, but it is also resource-hungry.

If I'm underusing Google Earth, please explain to me how to expand my control . . .

17th Aug 2008, 11:04
You can relax G-CPTN, I was merely mumbling in my sleep earlier. I found Wikiwotsername to be a bit of a fumble when I first tried it whereas Google seemed to be somewhat more responsive and had a wider and less restrictive range of actions all told.

As soon as I discovered that Google was so ancient in picture times I didn't bother to use it much after that.

17th Aug 2008, 12:38
I read that KML allows information to be transferred but is it possible to copy scenarios by 'right-click, copy and paste' by WYSIWYG rather than having to write text?

I can easily generate the following steps in Wikimapia for others to view merely by clicking on:-
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.1542331&lon=-110.8317867&z=19&l=0&m=a&v=2)
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.152698&lon=-110.8318162&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2)
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.1489056&lon=-110.8323312&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2)
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.1489056&lon=-110.8359039&z=17&l=0&m=a&v=2)
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.1571306&lon=-110.8359039&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2)
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=32.1511265&lon=-110.8241987&z=15&l=0&m=a&v=2)

18th Aug 2008, 03:36
In Google maps, simply click the 'Send' or 'Link' buttons at the top right- This just generates a simple coordinate string and zoom level.

Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=-36.60453,175.549109&spn=0.000861,0.001245&t=h&z=20)

(a H500 parked up near the family bach)

29th Aug 2008, 22:12
A nice little aeroplane can be seen here (http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?t=k&hl=en-GB&ie=UTF8&ll=51.356368,-0.116793&spn=0.000573,0.001207&z=20)

29th Aug 2008, 22:20
Haha...taxydual....nice One...

29th Aug 2008, 22:21
Had me baffled - for a minute. :)


Big Tudor
29th Aug 2008, 22:51
Does that really say Moron Air Services on the side forget? :uhoh:

29th Aug 2008, 23:20
Does that really say Moron Air Services on the side forget?

One of our planes has been found I see.The home desk can now remove the crew from the pay list. ;)

That said, I note that Google does not update its pics very often. Is this CIA or Google policy?

De-classified images from US Intelligence services are available as either a one-time collection or on a subscription basis. I have an idea the Google went for the former choice and will update when they feel the need.

30th Aug 2008, 08:29
It's not on Google Earth, yet, but on a local authority website. You can clearly see me and the wife holding the baby in the driveway of my house. I'm probably pointing out the aircraft telling her: 'That's a photo survey Aztec. That would be a cool job to have.'

30th Aug 2008, 08:42
Google Earth has gone backwards for me. A couple of years ago I could pick out my house,car and surrounding area. Now it is back to the construction phase seven years ago.

30th Aug 2008, 14:18
I found the Google Maps archive service very useful. Those satellite maps of London in the early 1900's are fascinating.

30th Aug 2008, 16:32
Those satellite maps of London in the early 1900's are fascinating.

How many satellites were taking photos anywhere in the early 1900's???

30th Aug 2008, 18:17
Phyllis Pearsall, in 1935:-
While on her way to a party, she tried to follow the best available map of the time (a 1919 Ordnance Survey map). She discovered that this map was not up to the task, and ended up getting lost on her way there. Following a conversation during this party, she conceived the idea of mapping London.

The next day, she started mapping London. This involved walking the 3000 miles of the 23000 streets of London, waking up at 5am everyday, and not going to bed until after an 18-hour working day.

Throughout the walking, she was also drawing up the first A to Z map. Phyllis did all of the proofreading and design work herself, and drew up the map with the help of a single draughtsman. Close to publication, they founded the Geographer's Map Company, to publish under.

In 1936, a year after the project begin, 10,000 copies of the first A to Z were printed. Initially, it proved hard to sell. Finally, WH Smith agreed to take 250 copies of her oeuvre, which she delivered in a wheelbarrow. It was a runaway success.
(From:- Phyllis Pearsall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phyllis_Pearsall) )
More at:- Our History :: A-Z Maps (http://www.a-zmaps.co.uk/?nid=39)

mr fish
30th Aug 2008, 18:48
by using the zoom function on google earth and pointing a hair dryer at your face at the same time, you can sky dive from your pc!!!!!!
( i MUST get out more ):{

31st Aug 2008, 00:49
found this (http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=-20.396224,57.713284&spn=0.004555,0.009656&t=h&z=17) in Plaisance.

31st Aug 2008, 02:02
Seems quite low - if that is its shadow ahead of it . . .

Edited to add:- the shadow is further south:-
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! (http://wikimapia.org/#lat=-20.3976317&lon=57.7133596&z=18&l=0&m=s&v=2)