View Full Version : Is it the end for Broon?

13th Aug 2008, 16:14
BBC NEWS | Scotland | MP MacDougall dies after illness (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/7557933.stm)

His seat adjoins Broon's, and the Scots Nats were 2nd in that seat at the general election, while the Liberals have also been successful in Fife at a by-election in 2005.

If Zanu-NuLabour lose this one, how long can Broon continue his impersonation of Canute?

Effluent Man
13th Aug 2008, 16:30
He's dug in for the duration,which means May 2010.As Wilson observed a week is a long time in politics and Brown has ninety of them before he has to call an election.Mervyn King is already flagging up better times ahead after the current economic woes and normally two years is enough to ride out a recession.I am still sticking by my prediction of Cameron have the largest party but no overall majority when the time comes.