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Krystal n chips
13th Aug 2008, 05:08
Well, have a look at these proposals.....isn't that nice ! :mad:

Home office measure gives public bodies access to personal emails and texts | UK news | The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2008/aug/13/privacy.civilliberties)

Allowing every jobsworth under the sun to access the data is asking for abuse of the system ( forget any "assurances" as to "rigid safe guards, restricted access" etc....which will no doubt be offered to us...and which the "nothing to hide etc" brigade will duly swallow, hook, line and sinker :ugh:) because I for one see this as a totally unwarranted intrusion on ....me!!!..... even though I do comply with the law.

There is enough evidence of various Councils ( and the :mad: who are power obsessed employed by them) abusing the Prevention of Terrorism Act already so this would simply be mana from heaven for them.

On the other hand, the potential flaw in the plan is....the "super data base"....and the Gov'ts record on IT delivery. That said, if they do actually get it right, then there are plenty of hackers out there who would see this as a jewel in the crown no doubt....and again, Gov't and IT security is a classical oxymoron.

And finally, I like the bit about "protecting the public".....from whom, exactly did they have in mind here I wonder ? :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2008, 08:10
Although not a fan of the Guardianistas (apart from you my dear fellow) I notice that this unwarranted snoop into our private lives is being mandated on the back of, surprise surprise, an EU directive.

So is our wonderful government hiding behind one, or tugging its forlock in the direction of Brussels once again? Heres a good idea, we'll do it when the rest of Europe do it, and by that I do mean EVERY country in the EU !!!

Meanwhile, if someone can find the spine that has been stolen from our government, please send it back!!

Captain Stable
13th Aug 2008, 09:04
Meanwhile, if someone can find the spine that has been stolen from our government, please send it back!!Sorry. Said item was, from the start, declared unfit for purpose.

The missus and I have now got so fed up with this country and the continuous erosion of hard-won liberties that were previously enshrined in law that we are now actively planning to up sticks and decamp elsewhere for our retirement, whose funding plans and provisions this government have done their damnedest to nick. The Tories show no sign whatsoever of returning things to the status quo ante, either, so no point in voting for them. In fact, since we have a democracy in name only, I see little point in voting at all.

Have now identified a nice little island in warmer climes with a rather attractive property boasting a private beach, well away from the 18-30 lager-lout-preferred holiday zones and will decamp there as soon as the teen is safely dispatched to some seat of higher learning.

galaxy flyer
13th Aug 2008, 09:38
I believe it was Mr. Jefferson would said something to the effect of: "it is the way of the world that government power expands and liberty recedes." Those that wish for more government involvement in health care, retirement, the economy are inevitably, and unwittingly, demanding this kind of intrusive state.

In the US, the years since FDR have been one long parade of government decrees and acts that is "good for the people". Phooey, even if I sound like Drapes.


13th Aug 2008, 09:43
Couldn't agree with you more Capt.!

My thoughts regarding the busy bodies and garbage divers is to prempt the sh1ts and send the filthy little [email protected] an invite to the house especially ones "naked room" where entrance is only by disrobing!

Alternatively turn the hose on any and all lackies of the council who decide to risk life and limb being welcomed by the hounds. Nope can't do that it illegal to scare off the uninvited and unwelcome with dogs anymore.

If fact we/you can't DO anything in the UK anymore AARGH!:mad:

What the hell are we to do and how do we do it.

The country has been flushed down the plumbing and oh yes good news we are fed a direct feed from the outflow pipe.

Are we totally impotent? Is there no redress or course of action we can take.

The loonies have taken over and there is nowt we can do.:ugh:

Phew! Time for a wipe down with a cool cloth and 2 asprin.


13th Aug 2008, 10:14
Maybe I've missed something here (note the lack of instant outrage, denoting that such lunacy has become so commonplace that I have gradually become immunised) but how is this to be funded? Through yet more taxation (or, on its alleged anti terror credentials, yet more bleed off from the Defence budget) or a licence fee for Internet access?

If this does come to pass, what a wizard wheeze it would be swamp the system with millions accessed addresses. It can't be that difficult to add on to a screen saver a routine to auto access the results of, say, random Google searches. On second thoughts, imagine the home goal distress that would result from the randomness accessing a few "illicit" porn or political Sites.

13th Aug 2008, 11:37
The UK is not an independent state any more. Our government and its departments are merely administrative units for the EU. We did have a head of state, but she signed that away years ago. Who is to blame? We are to a point, but the rot started when Winston Churchill showed his true colours in 1946 in his speech to the Zurich University when he called for a "kind of United States of Europe"

In 1948 Churchill chaired the International Co-ordination of Movements for the Unification of Europe Committee in the Hague. Attended by 800 delegates. The meeting recommended the creation of a European Deliberative Assembly and a European Special Council, in charge of preparing political and economic integration of European countries.

Thanks Winston, thanks dad and thanks grand dad, for standing back and letting this treacherous half wit sell us down the line. It is the modern generation who are left to clean this mess up. Hopefully without another World War.

13th Aug 2008, 12:19
the rot started when Winston Churchill showed his true colours in 1946 in his speech to the Zurich University when he called for a "kind of United States of Europe" Err, Winnie was advocating a United States of Europe for the foreigners, he thought it would keep the French and Germans from attacking each other, he never suggested or wished the UK to join. He was happy with the Empire.

13th Aug 2008, 17:30
What freedoms ?
When did the ordinary guy have any?
The freedom to be pressganged ?
The freedom to be conscripted and sent to your slaughter ?What was it 140,000 men in one week at the Battle of The Somme ?
For what freedoms ?
You guys are delusional if you think that anyone has ever had any true freedom in this realm :}