View Full Version : ICAO ATPL to JAA ATPL

12th Aug 2008, 10:53
Hi guys,

am a 2500 (multi crew aircraft) hr ICAO ATPL pilot (south africa) and am looking at getting my JAR ATPL.

As far as i am aware, i am exempt from sitting any ground school (feel free to shoot me down if i'm wrong about this).

Could anyone advise and or recommend the best way to go about doing a distance learning course ie CD ROM training with questions and detailed answers. Are there any comprehensive CBT's out there that cover the whole JAA ATPL syllabus.


12th Aug 2008, 11:06
Bristol Ground School and question bank! Although you will be exempt the classroom element, I think you might still need to enter the exams under the auspices of a groundschool - call them and they'll confirm!!



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