View Full Version : 2012 predictions

11th Aug 2008, 15:18
will the world change much from this olympics to the next?

will Osama be president of the US
will Gordon Brown be prime minister of the UK

I reckon.........

the world will recover from the credit crunch and they will start lending again next year like the previous 12 months was a bad dream (like Bobby Ewing in the shower )
stock markets round the world will be at record highs
property will be so expensive, that people will look back in hindsight and will wish they had bought somewhere in the USA
the US dollar will be a lot stronger too

but there will be more poverty
a few car makers will have gone bust
as will a few airlines
unemployment will be higher - but there are a billion more inhabitants

and perhaps also, the start of androids.....cyberdyne systems. Terminator anyone?