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11th Aug 2008, 15:50
To all those about to go through their ATPL theory exams, you may find these useful:
JAA ATPL Question Database (http://www.aviationtire.com/atpl.cfm)

I dont know how good they are, but I guess they're worth looking at as it's free (as far as I can tell). Does anybody else have any other links to free question databases for ATPL theory exams? I'd like to make my own list of good sites.


12th Aug 2008, 15:56
Hi there,
i think www.2go.aero (http://www.2go.aero) is a cool site. Nearly the same questions as with Bristol and can be used for free.

3rd Jun 2011, 18:34
Every ATPL site ive been to so far ask for either monthly or yearly contributions.
In my search for 'real' free ATPL question database
I found this website:
The Daily ATPL, your source for a free ATPL question bank. Daily ATPL database updates. (http://www.thedailyatpl.com)

they've got a real cool extra on facebook, one question per day published in the news feed. nice

hope it helps


19th Jun 2011, 16:29
The International Pilot Network has a free ATPL Question Bank (http://www.flightwork.com/training/atpl-theory-question-bank.html) with thousands of practice questions. Exams with random questions can be taken too. Support provided, ad-free and easy to use.

20th Jun 2011, 17:47
Quick search at forum gave me along many other topics, this one.
Hope it helps you;)

13th Sep 2011, 21:26
I use this one

Free ATPL Questionnaire (http://tinyurl.com/free-atpl-questionnaire)

to stay up to date. The site doesn't require any login, verification or any of that crap. Just choose the database and start the training :ok:

14th Sep 2011, 15:42
No login etc, but also no feedback if answered correct etc. No good IMHO.

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