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9th Aug 2008, 08:00
Just wondering if any of you have come across cabin crew Interrogating your operation, or telling you how to do your job?

Howard Hughes
9th Aug 2008, 08:38
No, but I do recall a certain F/O's wife who would continually tell every Captain in the company how things worked...:rolleyes:

9th Aug 2008, 09:32
Yeah the ones married to pilots seem to be the worst offenders, they know a little bit and they think they know it all

9th Aug 2008, 10:14
Yeah the ones married to pilots seem to be the worst offenders, they know a little bit and they think they know it all

Isn't that the way things are with most wives anyway? :\

kiwi chick
9th Aug 2008, 12:26
Let me guess.... you've been happily married for years. ;)

9th Aug 2008, 12:46
The ones way in the back always call and tell us to turn on the seat belt sign.
They also tell us to park closer to the main building.
Normally not a question.
They do actually still ask if I want coffee.

To be honest I'm very pleased with the interaction within our company.

Captain Stable
9th Aug 2008, 13:58
No, but I do recall a certain F/O's wife who would continually tell every Captain in the company how things worked...:rolleyes:There are also a lot of service wives who insist on wearing their husbands' rank... :rolleyes:

9th Aug 2008, 14:05
Well, depending on the airline, some cabin crew have been flying years longer than the flight deck occupants - they probably feel entitled.

Some of these children with pilot uniforms these days..... I don't know

Captain Stable
9th Aug 2008, 14:20
One gathers that BA cabin crew refer to the A319/320/321 as the "School Bus" for that reason...

9th Aug 2008, 15:59
Many moons ago a certain Cabin Crew Manager, known as "Godzilla" wrote a formal proposal to the DFO that the Purser/No1 should be the formal 2nd i/c of the jet!
The DFO, a very kindly gent who had some rare breed sheep, gently pointed out to said dinosaur the requirements of licences, exams, etc and other "trivial legal stuff" and that though he thanked her for the input he would not be actioning her suggestion.
For some time afterwards Godzilla was still heard to be still espousing her views much to the bemusment of everyone:ugh:


9th Aug 2008, 18:22
There are some cabin crew who wouldn't be able to name the flight deck if you stood them in it. I sometimes wonder how they find the aeroplane...

9th Aug 2008, 19:56
Do they make you pull down the window blinds on the flight deck as well?

9th Aug 2008, 20:47
Try having a wife in ATC :{

Oh the pain....

9th Aug 2008, 21:11

Guess there's a double meaning when she yells out "HOLD SHORT".

Out of curiosity, do you need to read back ATIS first?

9th Aug 2008, 22:17
"Stand by for clearance" or "Clear to push and start"

9th Aug 2008, 22:20
"Go around" :E

9th Aug 2008, 22:40
Position and Hold

9th Aug 2008, 22:45
"Report final" :ok:

9th Aug 2008, 22:59
I recall a story (probably from this forum) about an exchange between a Captain and the Purser. Captain emerges and asks the Purser if 'everything was under control back there' (or words to that effect) whereupon the Purser told the Captain to 'toddle back into his cupboard' (or words to that effect).
Captain 'retreated' and sometime later the Purser was 'relieved' of his duties and a replacement Purser arrived . . .

I don't know whether there was 'previous', but the Captain demonstrated who was in charge.

Of course, it might be apocryphal . . .

9th Aug 2008, 23:22
I've been on a few flights where I could have piled it in better than the incumbent.

Well, one in particular, I would have if his crash landing hadn't have plunged my draws round my ankles, hampering my ability to get to the flight deck & wring his neck.

9th Aug 2008, 23:34
Myself and Mr ATS are sometimes rostered to fly together and we keep it professional. He is the CP; i am the No1. We just keep it like that. No difference to any other f/d i work with. I sometimes ding the f/d for seatbelt sign on if, and only if, i have problems in the cabin with i.e. some very merry pax.
To be fair i know of cabin crew in a relationship/married to f/d. They tend to be ever so bossy and pretend they know everything. Wrong. You know your cabin, the f/d knows their flight deck. Simple as.


9th Aug 2008, 23:43
I eventually felt obliged to resign from my last job because the Boss's wife, as a passenger, obviously knew far more about helicopter aviation than I did after my meagre twenty four years in the job. She was an ex stewardess :rolleyes:

10th Aug 2008, 06:34
Why are the terms 'Stewardess' and 'Steward' no longer used? Over the years, there have been some extremely brave people (e.g. Stewardess E. M. Owen, G.C., Lloyd's War Medal) whose job title was just that, and it's arguable that it's a title to be worn with pride.

10th Aug 2008, 08:33
Parapunter: it's all about expectations. The passengers don't pay much for their fares these days, so don't expect much of a landing. A mate of mine used to say "Pay cr&p money get cr&p landings: pay better money, get better landings" It can appply to the passengers and their fares, or the pilots and their salary. As for smart ar&e comments from the cabin after a Billy Boeing standard landing: in my case they are usually deserved, but the wit has to match the G that I managed in order to get any humour out of me!

10th Aug 2008, 09:42

I know of at least one who does not do the hiring but does the firing. This is the case with a private outfit based out of Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. The "power" originates when F/A's sleep with the Boss and the "Chief Pilot" is too f*****g weak to stand up to her.

10th Aug 2008, 10:02
I was only kidding FS, besides that one was on big airways. Besides are you seriously suggesting landings have been economised on by management??

Never mind that my lad, you just shave a tenner off that landing!:}

10th Aug 2008, 11:05

I, too, wonder why on earth 'Stewardess' and 'Steward' are not now used. I understand that 'Flight Attendant' is unisex, but why should it need to be? Are normal gender differences thought to be undesirable nowadays?

Anything is better than the 'Air Hostess' title long beloved by the 'meeja', however - were any male cabin crew ever called 'Air Hosts'? And whatever happened to this mythical airborne cocktail party implied by the 'Hostess' tag?

11th Aug 2008, 11:05

Somehow 'Flight Attendant' to me has overtones of something like 'Lavatory Attendant' or Park Attendant' or some similar council job. Really rather unflattering.

11th Aug 2008, 12:08
In Holland we still use Steward / Stewardess and never felt anything wrong with it.

11th Aug 2008, 12:29
I stand to be correected on this, because it was before my time, but I was given to understand that, in QF at least, the role of Steward and Hostess had different definitions.

Stewards did what nautical stewards did - suave food and drink presentation.

Hostesses did languages, conversation, child minding, nursing and other ladylike activities.

Not endorsing; just reporting.

Metro man
11th Aug 2008, 12:37
I bet I could push a trolley along the aisle far better then the cabin crew could maintain an altitude and heading. :E

11th Aug 2008, 13:12

I believe you, I believe you! Could even explain the old alternative meaning:

"Quite A Nice Type of Air Steward"

11th Aug 2008, 13:27
No, but I do recall a certain F/O's wife who would continually tell every Captain in the company how things worked

Look, I know this is incipient thread drift and I apologise right at the start, but it comes from deep emotion: Try being a lawyer with a quarrelsome female physician for a client. There is nothing that woman does not know about the law and, I suspect, everything else, no squabble too trifling to manufacture.

11th Aug 2008, 21:37
I am wondering if there is any relation between the thread subject and the user name of the thread starter?
Nah, must be just a coincidence.

Thread starter, in our mob we have a few tender souls like yourself, chaps who take it very badly when a member of the cabin crew comes with a cabin-related suggestion.

So I have learnt.......

When the FSB sign is still on 30 mins after the last bit of turbulence and pax' bladders are starting to play up, I don't call up and ask "can you guys switch off the sign please?" Oh no :=
I call up the cockpit and in sweetest, dumbest, most innocent and naive voice ask "Ermmm Jan, are you geting reports of more turbulence ahead at all?".
Sign gets switched off before the 'oops forgot all about it Darls' comes back at me. ;)

radeng, what traveler says. Steward and stewardess still in use in our country. It's what we are known as and what we are proud of being called.

Metro man, maintaining a heading and an altitude? You clever man! :ok:

11th Aug 2008, 23:44

When you look at the bravery of Stewards and Stewardess over the years in both aviation and marine activities, then I regard the title as being one to be worn with pride.

12th Aug 2008, 01:40
Thread starter, in our mob we have a few tender souls like yourself, chaps who take it very badly when a member of the cabin crew comes with a cabin-related suggestion.

Don't take it badly at all especially if we have forgotten to turn the seat belt sign off. Thats completely understandable.I think its good that they do approach us and tell us we have forgotten it. no one is perfect.

the think that gets me going it comments like, why did we approach this airport this way, was that the normal way to do that, such and such doesn't do it that way, tell atc we need priority...i have an appointment.
such a laugh.