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Mr Happy
5th Jul 2001, 15:37
KLMuk Engineering management have told Flt crews that they don't require any assistance or goodwill to keep the airline flying. They think that everything in the garden is rosy and that the aircraft only go u/s in ams where their "highly successful" main operating base is.Is this true or are KLMuk management once again deluding themselves?

6th Jul 2001, 00:18
Whoop, whoop; windup alert!

7th Jul 2001, 00:39
what a load of b****** oops i mean rubbish!! :)

12 Scoops
7th Jul 2001, 00:56
I'm afraid that you don't have to go as far as Amsterdam to find aircraft coming off the KLMUK engineering line to be flown to the customers destination, only for it to have to return because of an unservicablity.
Last week an F100 with a fuel leak, today an ATR72 with an unspecified problem, (no emergency declared).
I used to have the highest regard for UK Engineering, now it's under the clout of KLM, I'm beginning to wonder.