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8th Aug 2008, 12:53
Ex-Luftwaffe pilot crashes near city he once bombed - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2518447/Ex-Luftwaffe-pilot-crashes-near-city-he-once-bombed.html)



8th Aug 2008, 13:06
Like the bit about the aircraft they were in "has never crashed before"....:\

Hotel Mode
8th Aug 2008, 13:07
This quote made me chuckle

The single-engine Mooney M20T was used by Flohr-Swann to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic in just 17.5 hours and has never crashed before.

Promise guv, 1 lady owner.

8th Aug 2008, 13:26
Hmm, any Spitfires in the area at the time :)

Double Zero
8th Aug 2008, 13:28
Well, no-one was hurt - though it's a great shame UK lowlife robbed the aircraft for kit, it would be nice if he was refunded for that somehow - but regarding the forced landing - nice to see the word 'plummet' again - maybe there IS 'someone up there' with a sense of humour...

And yes, it would have been wonderful if he could have been met by a Spitfire escort - they might even have filmed him going down !

8th Aug 2008, 13:35
Shot down nine times, that must be some sort of record.

8th Aug 2008, 13:42
That's the second forced landing I've heard about this year where the local scum have 'visited' the aircraft after the occupants have gone:=

Kill them all -let god sort them out:E


Double Zero
8th Aug 2008, 13:51
'Shot down 9 times' - maybe mother nature was trying to tell him something ?!

Still I suppose it's better than a Kamikaze pilot wearing a 1000hrs patch...

I wonder how welcome the BBMF would be if say, they did a flypast over Dresden ? No question of an apology as far as I'm concerned, but surely they have aircraft enthusiasts too - Oh, right, they're building new FW190's & ME262's...

When a chum had a holiday in Germany ( why ?! ) including a boat trip, I told him " the only way to do a tour of the Rhine is in the front of a Lancaster ! "

Especially strange as he, being older than me, was STILL severely traumatised by the V1's over London where he lived at the time.

He volunteered to be evacuated as a young boy to Wales, and has gone back to live there now.

It was only when I took him to Duxford & showed him the V1 on launching rail etc, and photographed him next to it making a rude gesture, that his trauma was laid to rest - that silly little picture has pride of place now !

I wouldn't mind betting the BBMF get suggestions ( from us British ) for flypasts over Germany several times a week...

8th Aug 2008, 16:49
Double zero, I'm sure the Germans would love to get a flypast from the BBMF. They were after all, liberated too and they seem to understand that quite well. The History channel has been showing some fascinating documentaries on the war of late. 'Hitler's war' being one. What is particularly fascinating is they were made by Germans and are quite biased against the Nazis.

As for getting shot down nine times, well that's war. I doubt if it's a record though. German aircrew didn't get rested. They just flew until they died or the war ended. I suppose you can really say this was number 10. After all it was a consequence of the war that brought to that point. The irony of the crash was that the passenger was nearly killed by a Luftwaffe pilot who failed to kill him during the war!

8th Aug 2008, 16:56
The Daily Mail said it 'ditched' in a field.........

8th Aug 2008, 17:18
It had been raining [several days before], therefore wet field, ergo "ditching"......c'mon

8th Aug 2008, 17:56
But just moments after taking off from a private airstrip near Marshfield, Glos, the small four-man plane lost engine power and plummeted towards the ground.

Actually, as I understand it, the "loss of engine power" was rather due to the fact that he throttled back to control a slight overboosting problem. Error!

I am also told by a very reliable source that it was the second time this particular aircraft had crashed and for precisely the same reason of erroneous action. The insurance company paid up after much teeth sucking last time. Wonder what they'll do this time.

By the way, the "Marshfield" strip is Garston farm within the Colerne ATZ.