View Full Version : Was Brian Dean a miserable old git, or an inevitable result of modern life...?!

7th Aug 2008, 12:38
The full story here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/lancashire/7546721.stm).

I pose the question because I can so easily picture myself in a similar situation in a few years' time. How about yourself?

Of course, my own immediate neighbours would always be complaining about the pudicats, shitting in or otherwise making mayhem in or around their gardens. But I'd prolly live longer than a mere 70 years because I had them to look after. And my eventual demise would have attracted far more attention because of this than what apparently occured in the quiet village terrace where Mr. Dean once lived...?!

A pile of unopened post dating back to June 2006 was found behind the door...Neighbours at Station Road said Mr Dean was rarely seen and was a private person...Alarms were not raised with official authorities because bills were still being paid by direct debit from Mr Dean's bank account.

Wow?! Is all I can say. Which electricity or gas provider never wondered why Mr. Dean never answered the phone everytime they had an enticing gas / electricty package to offer. Was it the central heating running throughout the summer that confused them into thinking that the premises were always occupied? Or do TVs on 'standby mode' really consume that much? Did BT ever wonder why for months on end, no calls were made - perhaps they thought that their faithful subscriber only ever received calls - and did he?! It's quite amazing how the bank account continued functioning without raising any alarms: here's someone who consumes only electricity / gas, telephone bills, water bills, local council bills, tv licence bills etc. yet never spends anything on groceries from Tesco or Sainsbury, never withdraws any cash etc....?!

I wonder what a terraced house somewhere in Lancashire is worth to a niece or nephew nowadays...?! :sad:

old,not bold
7th Aug 2008, 12:53
Are you seriously suggesting that Banks should monitor their customers' accounts to identify any patterns that might indicate that they have snuffed it, and launch an investigation every time they think this could have happened?

If so, I'll be in trouble. I maintain a number of current accounts, mainly to confuse Banks, Governments, and My Wife, and pay all my bills from one or two of them, with the minimal transfers needed for that from various others where my ill-gotten gains go.

Now what would that tell the Banks concerned about my state of health?

7th Aug 2008, 13:21
Are you seriously suggesting that banks do not analyse bank account transactions for all they're worth...?!

OK, I could understand if there were several banks involved. Doesn't appear to the case here, it would look like that whatever income Mr. Dean had from whatever sources in his retirement (I'm assuming) all went into the same account used for the direct debits and standing orders or whatever.

I recall a few years ago, I'd taken out a personal loan with a finance company which was then credited to my bank a/c. A few weeks later, I received a call from the bank (not someone from my branch) offering me a personal loan of 12,000 which I apparently automatically qualified for without need of any further qualification. I replied that I'd just taken out a personal loan from another company after having compared advertised rates. This sum had been credited to my a/c in order to resolve the unauthorised overdrafts that I'd been running...? They must have known that I was running an overdraft but were quite happy to debit my account with the resulting stinging charges, instead of offering me another more economical and longer term solution.

Your bank/s know more about you than you probably know about yourself. Whether or not they have any responsibility, given that they collect all this information for their own purposes is something which might one day be resolved (ie.) If you're credit-worthy, why sting you with all the bank charges when a personal loan over a short period might be more economical for you (but not for them)...?!

And don't forget, that lots of banks, ever since WWII, and the demise of so many affluent (and even much less affluent) citizens who sometimes disappeared under mysterious circumstances, have been shown to be alarmingly neglectful when it comes to the restitution of these accounts to their owners and/or rightful heirs...?! It's still the same today, to banks, we're all just a series of numbers, even if they're no longer tattooed on ones' forearm...?! :uhoh: