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7th Aug 2008, 07:57
More details here from the Arabian Business website:

Emirates flight aborted after smoke scare - Transportation - ArabianBusiness.com (http://www.arabianbusiness.com/526941-emirates-flight-aborted-after-smoke-scare)

(Interesting how, '.... the captain saw smoke coming from the back of the plane' !!!)

Pugilistic Animus
7th Aug 2008, 16:54
From the posted article
One passenger standing when the plane came to a halt sustained minor injuries

That's why we don't stand / dance /play or p*ss or do anything else ---except sit with your seat belts on---- in the cabin during TO and LDG ----PAX:=

He/she serves as a brutal example to all the SLF

(Interesting how, '.... the captain saw smoke coming from the back of the plane' !!!)

He was looking through the DV window:}

8th Aug 2008, 17:00
This is quite funny..... in yesterday's GDN:

Smoke alert aboard flight :

DUBAI: An Emirates flight from Kuwait City to Dubai had to abort its take-off last night after smoke was detected in the cabin, a spokesman of the Dubai-based carrier said.The captain of the Boeing 777-200, which was carrying 346 passengers, made the decision shortly after the plane started picking up speed on the runway."Preliminary assessment by the captain indicated that the smoke came from the exhaust," he said, adding that more investigation was needed.

20th Aug 2008, 15:37
How long does it take until the "investigation" is done and a conclusion is found or formulated from the "Desk Pilots"?.

If he continued the T/O and there was a hazardous smoke behind the side wall or in the duct? what then?. Letīs remind us: In the past people died when appropirate actions where taken too late or the situation was not valued carefully enough and after the "little" smell of smoke the situation got more dynamic and accelerated. So better safe then sorry. Enough People died in the past. Prevention is a big committmend and costs money but does spare lifes, that is the #1 to focus on. I am confident that nobody calls for a reject, abandon, stop or whatever the Key-call is in your Airline, because he wantīs to go home and watch TV again. If you give a Crew a Airplane worth for about $ 200 Mill. then you should trust the "Call" as well. I would say well done and safed a few thousands pounds of not damping Fuel for the bean counters. Should keep them happy as well.

When the facts are here letīs find whoīs nose was sensible enough......

Fly safe and land happy