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6th Aug 2008, 21:56
The recent Qantas incident made me think, couldn't the partition between the cabin and cockpit be made reasonably airtight, and the door of course, that would leave enough air for the crew to have time to descend to a lower level, even if there was a complete failure of the backup oxygen, dunno, just one of those random thoughts you have from time to time :)

6th Aug 2008, 22:06
That would mean no baked bean tuna and onion sandwichs
Never happen.:=

6th Aug 2008, 22:42
Nor would the rest of the cabin get to share in the "results" of aforementioned culinary delights.............:oh: if it were air tight

7th Aug 2008, 00:26
You'd have to seal the pedal stems where they pass through the cockpit floor . . .

. . . and the heater and windscreen-demist ducts . . .

7th Aug 2008, 02:25
Naw, as someone posted in the A-380 thread.

Just put in ejection seats. :p

(Well what the heck, someone needs to stay alive to tell the investigators what happened. ;))

7th Aug 2008, 07:42
OK, first of all we're not talking hermetically sealed here, just plug up the gaps a bit to keep some air in for 5 minutes or so, second unfortunately the days of the flyboys eating into the profits of the airlines is gone anyway, you're gonna have to bring your own packed lunch, cheese sandwich packet of crisps that kind of thing, anyway if each pilot lost ten kilos just imagine how much fuel the airline would save, MOL are you reading this :} but I suppose it won't really matter soon because the systems operators formerly known as pilots will be driving the aeroplane from a little room in a warehouse on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Slough, and us lot will be going to the pointy end to use the selfservice cafeteria that has replaced the trolley dollies :sad:

7th Aug 2008, 08:09
Why dont the crew put masks on fer the entire flight?
That would be popular

7th Aug 2008, 10:34
How are you gonna pump the smoke into the cabin in an electrical fire/air con smoke situation if it's airtight?

Open the door.

7th Aug 2008, 11:59
An airtight flight deck is the PEGCIC solution, which has been around in designers' dreams for years. In case you missed it in the technical mags...


As far as I am aware, the Cabin Staff unions were very keen on this, as were the various passenger groups such as the Airline Users Association.

Perhaps one of the scientists involved could give us an update, as the PEGCIC solution would also solve the problem of depressurisation in the cabin, which there is rarely a need for the pilots to share.

7th Aug 2008, 12:10
A more cost-effective solution would be for the flight-deck crew to wear 'life-support suits' as worn by the astronauts.

Sealing the flight-deck (cockpit) from the rest of the aircraft cabin(s) doesn't allow for an incident that punctured the hull in the flight-deck region (such as a windshield failure due to a (large) bird-strike or some airborne FOD).

Loose rivets
7th Aug 2008, 15:17
Open cockpit for the crew. Like the olden days...windshields, goggles and a clothes peg to fasten One's scarf back in a jolly manner.

8th Aug 2008, 02:53
Why not just automate the aircraft.
Black box's don't need oxygen.:}

8th Aug 2008, 22:21
Dammit, Basil! I was going to patent that idea before someone thought to implement it. Now you've let the cat out of the bag I'll have a hard job avoiding the Prior Art test. I'll bet by tonight just about every jet around will have something similar - and the patent office just closed.

9th Aug 2008, 11:39
I can lay my hands on some of these

anyone have the number for B.A's purchasing department :}

9th Aug 2008, 12:28
Couldn't the pilots be provided with a mask which covered all of their face?
That would keep smoke from their lungs and eyes; and if you pumped a gas into it, say oxygen, would that help them to remain conscious at 40,000 feet?

You mean like we already have on most modern airliners?


9th Aug 2008, 12:32
I would like to order a nice spacious lavatory compartment inside my 737 cockpit along with that mask, please.
Then I'll just climb in through the window so we wouldn't need a door.

Do you know how small my cubical is ? I can't even stand up.

Can I vote against this idea here ?

9th Aug 2008, 12:34
Probably be preferable to supply the masks with helium (lighter and it would make the PA announcements more 'interesting' . . . ).

And why bother with collecting tanks for the toilet cubicles? For years, trains simply discharged the toilets directly onto the tracks, and if it worked at zero feet and 60 mph it sure will work at 40,000 feet and 600 mph.

West Coast
9th Aug 2008, 20:29
And why bother with collecting tanks for the toilet cubicles? For years, trains simply discharged the toilets directly onto the tracks, and if it worked at zero feet and 60 mph it sure will work at 40,000 feet and 600 mph.

Every time I fly near world headquarters I try to figure what CB's I would need to pull to dump the lavs. A blue bomb on the CP's desk, priceless.