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6th Aug 2008, 20:50
Recently I went fishing with a friend and his young son (6 years old), we all had a good day, caught lots of fish (all returned), but being as he is 6 he would wander to my swim and talk, during these coversations some strange questions about fish came up, ie "I keep catching the same fish" answer "no your not its the same type of fish (Perch)" "but it must be the same fish, its the same color (He's American). And so it carried on. then came the stinger, "Arthur" "Yes" "do fish poo in water?", easy one "yes of course"anybody with a fish tank could answer that, then came "Do fish wee in water?", stop, think, they live in water, do they need to drink, my thoughts no they don't, water would be absorbed by the skin, but then again they eat in water, so do they swallow any? I do not know, I am not a biologist, my answer "ask your dad, he will know" "I did, he said to ask you" (damed Americans always passing the hard stuff to other nations), so are there any fish experts on Pprune that could answer that, also where do kids get these questions from, I can't remember asking things like that when I was young, but then again it was a while ago. :confused::confused::confused:

6th Aug 2008, 21:00
WC Fields asked himself those questions, and decided that whatever fish did in water, he wasn't going to drink it. So he chose something stronger and the world is a better place for it

6th Aug 2008, 21:02
Yep they sure do....Fish have Kidneys so therefore urinate.

6th Aug 2008, 21:03
I would think you could ask the Spanish and Slavic nations fishing fleets seeing as how they get your catch from your, er, EU waters now.

6th Aug 2008, 21:10
Yes, they do - but there is quite a difference between salt water and fresh water fish.
Salt water fish actually lose water to the environment through osmosis, so they tend to produce small quantities of highly concentrated urine, and most of their nitrogenous waste is excreted through the gills during respiration. Freshwater fishes produce a relatively high volume of very dilute urine.

(or so I was told by an ichthyophile friend)

6th Aug 2008, 21:17
Thanks for the answers so far, we are going again this weekend, so I will be able to tell him.

you missed your chance there, should you not have said " the world is a better plaice for it"

Hagbard the Amateur
6th Aug 2008, 22:50
Cod above - if this isn't a perchfect thread for fish puns, I don't know what is.

Alright - hat, coat and I'm back on my pike

6th Aug 2008, 22:52
Tis written in the Davinci Cod.

Standard Noise
6th Aug 2008, 23:55
I can only bream about coming up with a good one here.
Anyhoo, about that American child, eel learn the answers as he gets older.

Solid Rust Twotter
7th Aug 2008, 06:31
Gurnard, mate. You know you want to...:ok:

7th Aug 2008, 08:17
The latin for fish is "Pisci" for a good reason!



7th Aug 2008, 08:30
You mean that fish and Al Gore have the same IQ? :rolleyes:

7th Aug 2008, 09:50
I was whiting for someone to start the fish puns! As salmon said ... it's inevitable around here.

7th Aug 2008, 10:18
Mullah Kintyre: on your first I won't take the bait
on your second I'll give you a clue, they where different sizes.

Some anglers domore than just return the fish:Angler's dying wish granted as his ashes are turned into 30lbs of fishbait | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1042064/Anglers-dying-wish-granted-ashes-turned-30lbs-fishbait.html)

good for him :ok:

7th Aug 2008, 11:00
Without wishing to carp, the mods should not shark their duty. They should trout this stuff seriously or we'll never stop herring it.:(

Hagbard the Amateur
7th Aug 2008, 11:09
The whiting's on the wall as far as I'm concerned. If it's whelking, it must have a porpoise.

7th Aug 2008, 13:10
I was offered a set of those Mullikin Tyres, Arthur.

7th Aug 2008, 13:23
"nitrogenous waste is excreted through the gills " - so does that mean they phart through their gills? More importantly, DO they phart?

7th Aug 2008, 13:24
What where they like, Paul Mcartny thought they where so good he wrote a song about them.

Hagbard the Amateur
7th Aug 2008, 23:10
If fish do phart through their gills, I would call it a miracle of nature for it would not only provide noxious fumage in their rear wake to deter any following predator but also provide it with a means to escape said predator by means of gas propulsion. Any experts out there?

Over and trout

7th Aug 2008, 23:48
Paul Mcartny thought they where so good he wrote a song about them.

Mullet Kintyre?

7th Aug 2008, 23:59
Sure it wasn't Band on the Rudd?



8th Aug 2008, 00:19
Wasn't that played on a Bass guitar?

Hagbard the Amateur
8th Aug 2008, 00:21
Might have been Squid and Let Fry