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6th Aug 2008, 10:00
This is quite good.

Car Park. (http://de-war.de/eurekacarpark.html)

6th Aug 2008, 14:17
Very clever. :ok: Next move is a HUD;)

6th Aug 2008, 14:32
Very clever till it fades, it gets dark, someone replasters the wall etc.

At which stage the normal driver would much prefer a plain old reflective sign screwed to the wall with an arrow pointing the way rather than half a sign by a single headlamp and relying on knowing it's there and his brain picking it out*.

Sometimes, for the sake of art, some people are just too clever for their own good.

*Dazzle camouflage... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dazzle_camouflage) - Hid in plain sight.

6th Aug 2008, 15:00
Not as good as the Aussie camo..........


6th Aug 2008, 16:21
Sweet... never saw that before. Even female car drivers are now able to find their destination... :}

6th Aug 2008, 16:30
Some years ago in Marseilles, I managed to temporarily 'lose' a car. Not through theft, as might be expected, but camouflage.

Had flown in that afternoon to Marignane and picked up a boggo Avis rental - the latest Opel Corsa (launched by Opel for sale just that week). The colour was a truly vile metallic turquoise. Never seen anything like it.

That evening we parked in a near-deserted multi-storey in the Old Port area, jumped in the car park lift and headed into town to eat.

Returning to the Car Park late on, the lift was out of order, so we walked up the ramps, saw the car in exactly the same spot we had left it and tried to unlock it. Bloody keys wouldn't work. Much cursing of Opels and taking the name of Avis in vain followed. Eventually we managed to get through to the Avis emergency number and give them the car details from the key-fob and the VIN of our parked car. 10 minutes later they called back too inform me the parked car was not theirs(!)

Any ideas what had happened?

By some massive statisistical fluke another brand new vile metallic turquoise Opel Corsa was parked in exactly the same spot in the near deserted Old Port Car Park...... it just happened to be one storey below ours!!!!


6th Aug 2008, 16:42
I actually got into, started, and drove around the block in a Mk II cortina before returning it two spaces to the left of my Mk II Cortina! I would have got home in it if I hadn't had a 'sporty' leather wheel in mine.


6th Aug 2008, 17:01
Some years ago I had cause to visit a Ford Motor Company site. Only Ford cars were allowed inside the security gates (I was driving a Ford rental car, so I was directed towards the parking area). It was chucking it down, so I grabbed my briefcase and legged it into reception and duly had my meeting.
I left the building and sought my (rental) car . . . and found row after row of similar models (though in various colours). I walked and walked up and down until I had covered the entire area without identifying my vehicle . . .
In desperation, I made my way back to reception to report the 'theft' of my car, only to discover that there were two parking areas arranged in a vee (and each screened from the other by shrubs) . . .
Once in the other parking area I eventually found the rental car. :ugh:

6th Aug 2008, 17:24
I like it ( allowing for the fact that it would be kept lit and repainted every time it fades )

However it might give someone a heart attack if they see a giant IN in fornt of them looking pretty solid and 3 dimensional...

Losing Fords used to be a regular diversion 20 years ago when they all seemed to share the same key.

Even the Police nicked my dads metallic Ford Zodiac from a hospital car park ( they were in a "plain clothes" one of identical colour visiting a witness who had been beaten up )

If it hadn't had a two-way radio it it we might have never found out!

6th Aug 2008, 17:33
I used to tart up old Fords when I was a youth.....a friend of mine bought an early 80's model Ford Escort van which could be opened with my standard Yale front door key.

Back to the excellent car park signs - how are these things painted? Or rather, how do the painters plan/know where to paint the individual bits??

6th Aug 2008, 17:40
could be opened with my standard Yale front door key

I started my CZ with a daffodil once. Then when I got a Triumph Tiger, I discovered its key also operated the elevator's override switch.