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5th Aug 2008, 14:21
This is my first post, so be gentle :)

I am booked PE on Virgin Atlantic in October from LGW to MCO and back BOS to LHR. When I originally booked I was able to select my seats online for both of out and inbound flights . However, I logged in today and the seat selection for the outbound flight is no longer available.

Has anyone had experience of this? Were your original seat selections honoured?

I know that in the grand scheme of things this really isnít that important, but I love the PE on the upper deck on the 747, and would be disappointed to find my seats had been moved downstairs and into the middle!!


5th Aug 2008, 15:13
Long time since I flew with VS but like many other airlines, you might be able to select a better seat if you can check in online. I usually commence online check in as soon as an airlines system allows which usually gives visibility of more available (and sometimes better) seats. Failing that, can you not contact their reservations or your travel agent who might be able to make the reservation for you? Good luck anyway.

5th Aug 2008, 22:05

As a regular VS traveller there could be a number of reasons.

1. The VS website was experiencing problems today.
2. VS don't actually allow you to reserve a seat; they really let you show a preference as your terms and conditions explain.
3. The on line seat selction only allows a percentage of seats - that allocation may now have been exceeded for your flight. More will be made available at On Line Check In and more again at airport check in.
4. Whatever the system allows you to do now if your seats are still shown when you enter "mange your flights" they are still your seats; you may just not be able to change them.
5. As said above talk to the guys and grils in Crawley;they are very helpful and will tell you why things are as they are.