View Full Version : Rabbit on Runway, Rabbit Stew on Ryanair ?

5th Aug 2008, 10:46
Overheard last night between FR and GRN as the FR was cleared onto Barcelona departures frequency

"Er, GRN, I think I might have have run over a rabbit during that take off".

"OK sir we take note"

GRN to next FR on final approach

"Did you hear that ?"

FR "yes we'll keep a look out for it !"

Numerous mikes clicked on and there was laughter...

GRN "ok, FR---, take next turn to the left and follow the yellow car... did you see the rabbit ?"

Never heard the answer but there was more laughter.

If M O'L hears of this they'll be an extra cost option on the Ryanair "menu".

5th Aug 2008, 11:31
At Nairobi, I saw on a taxiway in front of us a frog doing a slow gentle hop across the taxiway in our taxi lights. As he had the eminent good sense to do it at 90 degrees across the taxiway, I brought a 747 to a halt and waited for him to hope out of the way. I made a short PA to the passengers to advise them there was no problem, just 'waiting for a frog to clear out of our way', then we continued. There were no complaints.

Curious Pax
5th Aug 2008, 13:25
They probably thought the Paris flight was in your way!!

Maude Charlee
5th Aug 2008, 13:53
Would this be filed as a hare-prox, or maybe even a mid-hare collision? :8

Taxi? Yes, me again. Usual place please.

5th Aug 2008, 16:04

Reminds of the time I was sitting up front in a BY 767 taxiing at MCO - pilot had to wait on the taxiway for traffic in front to clear - told the passengers that he was waiting at a designated alligator crossing point for an exceptionally large 'gator to cross...! Had the desired effect, passengers were suitably impressed and there were no complaints about sitting waiting on the ground for hours etc...

6th Aug 2008, 14:56
I brought a 747 to a halt and waited for him to hope out of the way

Rainboe - This is a side of you that we had previously only suspected... Warm, compassionate, kind to all God's critters. :)

Good on you for stopping!

6th Aug 2008, 15:35
Good on you for stopping!

Better than having it croak on the runway.