View Full Version : BMI/United LHR-SFO

4th Aug 2008, 11:31
A friend of mine wants to travel LHR-SFO late September and on Expedia a BMI flight (using United) is currently significantly cheaper than the rest, even United's own flights.

The question is just how different is a United flight compared to BA on that route? Reviews suggest you're in for bad food and little IFE?

Brian H
4th Aug 2008, 13:52
Having recently flown with United LHR/SFO and return, by advice would be avoid them all cost. The words customer service do not appear in their vocabuluary

4th Aug 2008, 14:20
Its not just rumour then, many thanks for your reply.

6th Aug 2008, 12:48
Go with BA, service was brill even in WT!!!!!

obviously i am only speaking about my personal experience, but 90% of the time BA have good flights!