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positionand hold
1st Aug 2008, 12:12
QF001 SYD-BKK-LHR (arriving LHR this morning)

3.5 hrs from LHR, somewhere over eastern Russia, the automated oxygen mask warning announcement started............"standby to use these", etc, etc, but nothing dropped. The message kept repeating for about 2 minutes, during which time the flight deck announced "sorry, a non-critical technical problem started the message and we do not know how to stop it".

Under normal circumstances, a totally unremarkable story, but all the pax (including my daughter) were very well aware of recent events, so it did not make for a good start to their day.....

And this after the flight had caught a four hour delay out of SYD, which QF knew enough about to advise her 24 hrs in advance, yet nobody could tell her the cause of the delay. This is only a lunch-time post, because the flight finally arrived LHR 4 hours 26 minutes late........! QF001 the preceding day had a similar delay too.

I liked QF in my SLF life, so I hope they can pull it back, but the bad stories are certainly cropping up a bit at the moment.

1st Aug 2008, 15:45

If the aircraft can fly from Eastern Russia to LHR in 3.5 hrs, I am impressed.


1st Aug 2008, 16:12
3.5 hrs from EGLL is 3.5 hrs inbound to EGLL. OK?