View Full Version : Some questions about transatlantic flights

1st Aug 2008, 09:45
One of my relatives is flying home from Phoenix today and I'm keeping an eye on her progress online using 'flightaware.com'. The flight is BAW28A.

Presumably over the Atlantic, the radios are very quiet? I assume that the pilot will make position reports when he crosses lines of latitude and keeping an ear out on 121.5. Is that correct?

At what point will he start communicating on VHF again - and to who?

The flight is cruising at 37000, but roughly where is the top of descent point? I'd guess somewhere over Ireland?

Also, according to the route it's down for an OCK 2F arrival at Heathrow - how will the aircraft get from the Ockham hold actually onto the final approach? Will the controller give the pilot vectors?

Thanks in advance.

1st Aug 2008, 10:22
You're almost completely correct. Position reports every 10 degrees longitude at set latitude points according to favourable or least disadvantageous winds. You communicate on VHF when within range of Shannon Control, then fairly quickly end up talking to London who usually give you a STAR which has you descending early to a set plan and set altitude restrictions. Final control from OCK is via vectors and speed control.