View Full Version : British Airways, some RJs, and B.A. CitiExpress

21st Feb 2002, 01:23
These ex CFE aeroplanes are supposed to be relocating to MAN and BHX. All 16 of them.

. .So.

Are BA going to fly these aeroplanes, or are WE going to fly them (BACE), what terms and conditions, what about the idea of SCOPE?

Do us 146 guys have to join BA mainline, or will the ex CFE guys slowly all return to mainline?

Is our lower costbase a good thing for all, in terms of profitability, or will the Luddite mainliners bring it all crashing down to prove a point.

Alternatively, is this yet another sharp practice by our so-called management to screw us all?

Anyone going to follow me to Easyjet?

Hand Solo
21st Feb 2002, 01:42
Well as I understand the current plan is that BA mainline pilots wil fly the aircraft under terms and conditions to be agreed between BA and BALPA, possibly under some form of secondment arrangement. Prior to the FS&S review it had been BALPAs intention to find a way to incorporate BACE pilots into the BA master seniority list and I believe that is still the intention. The BACE low cost base is a good thing for profitability, provided that it can be maintained once the sharp accounting practices and shifty cross-subsidisation which has existed in the past between BACE and BAR are stopped. Do not make the mistake of confusing low cost base with poor pilot pay. They are not the same thing, as Easyjet and Go have demonstrated. BA pilots are not Luddites and do not bring things 'crashing down just to make a point'. Our managers are more than capable of doing that on their own.