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31st Jul 2008, 21:03
Well there I was this time last year starting a thread whinging about the cost of economy fares from London to Sydney in September. Some very helpful contributors made suggestions as to why the cost was so high compared to previously and I eventually found a fare through Holidays and flights to Australia, cheap flights to New Zealand, Hotels, Holidays and Tours Worldwide (http://www.Travelmood.com) which provided an excellent deal at 669 with Asiana Airlines. Now of course we are in a different environment and fares are through the roof. I had not expected to be going to Oz this autumn due to the ridiculous cost we are all expected to pay. Imagine my surprise when I did a search (producing spontaneous laughter when presented with economy in excess of business class in some cases) and I found a fare 30 more expensive than last year. And yes I do mean thirty pounds more, it is not a typo. And what is more it is through Travelmood again, and it is on Asiana again. I was astonished, and what's more I bought the ticket. I don't have any connection with the agent or the airline, or ever have had I should make clear. So what is going on this time I ask of contributors to pprune. Or do we just live in an even crazier world than before.

1st Aug 2008, 00:37
Not sure if this has hit the news yet but fuel costs have gone through the roof since the last time you flew. It's quite a long distance and if the 30 is for increased fuel costs, you're getting off lightly.

1st Aug 2008, 03:21
Not sure what your point is apart from backlinking to the named website.

1st Aug 2008, 05:54
I think the point he is making is that with fares increasing in general because of fuel costs, he is pleasantly surprised to find that fares to Australia don't seem to have risen as much as he thought.

1st Aug 2008, 07:54
I have entered three different dates in September on that website for LHR-SYD return flights and Asiana was not even offered. The cheapest fare was 928 with Malaysian.