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24th Jul 2008, 18:38
I have my first flight with BCI on Saturday, routing GCI-JER. On my boarding pass it states my airport lounge access code. Surprised, I checked its website: “You can relax in our exclusive passenger lounges in Jersey and Guernsey airports with complimentary refreshments.” What is its GCI lounge like? Is it open Saturday mornings? Does it have a view of the apron/runway?

Thanks for your help. :-)

24th Jul 2008, 20:09

Yes, the lounge is open whenever there are flights departing. Guernsey Airport itself is not huge, consequently the lounge isn't either but you can have drinks and biscuits, read the papers and watch tv. The view is through the main departure hall windows.

24th Jul 2008, 20:23
Thanks Blue.

I've presently only ever flown through GCI onto JER, i.e. EXT-GCI-JER and BHX-GCI-JER. Sat will be the first time I actually visit GCI's terminal (I'll be flying JER-GCI with GR and GCI-JER with BCI).

Thanks again. :-)

30th Jul 2008, 12:51
Flew GLO-JER last Friday. Was hoping for the D28 but was the SWM. Virtually full flight. It was, overall, excellent. I have another two flights booked with NM (BHD-IOM, IOM-LBA).

30th Jul 2008, 12:53
Flew GR JER-GCI on Sat morning on the BNT. Excellent experience, great value. :-)

30th Jul 2008, 12:56
My BCI flight (GCI-JER on the J32) was excellent. Seemed a good bit more professional than GR. Great price, great experience. I thought its GCI lounge was good. :-)