View Full Version : One way ticket to SFO _ August

30th Jul 2008, 20:07

Can anybody recommend the best place to go to get a cheap one_way ticket from BHX or LHR to SFO mid August?

From the searches I have done I am coming up with crazy prices.

Any advice at all is really appreciated.



31st Jul 2008, 07:47
Try pricing a return for about 2 weeks after the day you want to go (oh and price midweek).

31st Jul 2008, 07:57
One way tickets are invariably more expensive so best bet is to get a cheap return and not use the return portion.

depending upon your nationality and visa status you will need a return ticket anyway

31st Jul 2008, 11:51
try www.dohop.com (http://www.dohop.com)

2nd Aug 2008, 16:16
You might find that you're better off booking a return trip as they are often cheaper than the one way. Either you just 'lose' the return or change the date and pay the fee. For some reason, one-ways into the US are exorbitant. One-ways out aren't as big a problem.