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30th Jul 2008, 19:26

although I have tried a search I haven't found any info. on this.

My girlfriend arrived last night with Delta Airlines but her luggage is delayed. We have been told it's arriving to Phoenix exactly in the same flight the following day, but as it arrives midnight it won't be delivered until the next morning.

My gf told me that an acquaintance of her not long ago had her baggage delayed and got a compensation for that.
I have checked on google and apparently there are some compensations for clothes you have to buy and so, but I'd like to ask here as people is probably more knowledgeable and you may be able to tell me how to process the claim (if I happen to have the right to, obviously)
The route was VGO-CDG-JFK-PHX, and the luggage got delayed on CDG apparently.

Do you know if we can claim any compensation for this?
If yes... do you know how to do it?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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30th Jul 2008, 19:57
There must be a telephone number in the paperwork the airline gave you at the lost baggage desk.

Usually they will re-imburse you for the essential items, but only for a reasonable amount. They won't re-imburse you for buying expensive designer items or a whole new wardrobe for example !!. Some airlines will even give you cash up front in such situations to tide you over until the bag arrives - obviously not Delta though !!.

Call them and ask, oh and keep all the receipts.


1st Aug 2008, 05:40

thanks a lot for your reply.

Indeed we called Delta baggage dept. and they told me to keep receipts of all the costs we may have and that they will be reimbursed, but they didn't tell me anything about any limits or whatever.

The problem is that... baggage didn't arrive today, and probably it will be more than 48hrs of delay.

By the way... girlfriend has been reading and supposedly we have to claim as well the travel agency that sold us the ticket. I'm calling later and will try to find out.

This is becoming quite uncomfortable as we had to buy some stuff and still... I'm not 100% sure if they will reimburse it, how much they will reimburse and when, plus... supposedly baggage should have arrived today, not tomorrow.
Let's see what happens.

Anyway... thanks a lot Leezyjet!

Kind regards / Pablo

1st Aug 2008, 08:56
A few years back, American lost my bag for 13 weeks. With having to buy stuff and so on, I got $1300 back....