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30th Jul 2008, 15:05
Hi there,

I'm going to Malta in a few days with my son who is 9 months old.

He has his own UK passport, I just wondered does anyone know if its possible or had experience of an EU passport being stamped in EU countries.

I ask this, so when he's older he has a record of the places he's been too!


30th Jul 2008, 15:49
Whenever I've flown within the EU on my UK Passport, the immigration officers sit behind their desks or in glass booths, and don't even look at your passport, as long as you flash the photo page. They certainly don't stamp it

30th Jul 2008, 16:15
I'm sure if you ask the immigration officer in Malta he will stamp the passport. If you're coming from the UK you're arriving from outside of Schengen so there should be border control. Maybe get in the queue for non EU citizens (assuming they have separate channels there) just to ensure the officer will have a stamp to hand.

Final 3 Greens
30th Jul 2008, 17:39
Maybe get in the queue for non EU citizens (assuming they have separate channels there)

They do have separate channels, but the maltese can be sticklers for correctness and may decline to stamp the passport.

On the other hand, most are also quite kind and love kids, so I guess it just depends who you get on the day.

Enjoy the islands - its very hot at the moment (30s) and pack plent of high factor suncream, as the sun is merciless at this time of year.

30th Jul 2008, 21:50
Although you would be arriving from outside the Schengen area, you are still travelling within the EU, and therefore it is unlikely that the Maltese immigration officers would spontaneously stamp your passports. However, you could ask them (nicely! :)) if they would give you a stamp.

I'm a UK immigration officer, and get asked a lot if I would stamp EU passports. The only trouble with that is that we would then be imposing landing conditions (such as no working or claiming state benefits) that as an EU citizen you are entitled to!

The other thing I would add is, don't write in his passport as a record of the trip. := Many countries take a dim view of non official endorsements in passports. Also, you run the risk of filling it up like this, and if there is no room for a stamp or a visa, some countries will refuse entry.

30th Jul 2008, 21:55
Thanks ceciliaanne (& others!)

Your point about imposing landing conditions makes sense, although at 9 months I doubt he would be able to work :)

30th Jul 2008, 22:03
I've had my UK passport stamped in Hungary, Germany and Switzerland (not in the EU I realise) on arrival and departure, just had to ask. My German friends have had thiers stamp on request in Germany and in the UK (Edinburgh Airport).

Someone told me I'd have trouble in America with such stamps (I also have stamps from museums in Liechtenstein and Berlin) but no one cared. In fact I've crossed many borders now with such stamps and no one has even raised an eyebrow at them, apart from some German Immigration officers at HAM having a laugh at my Checkpoint Charlie one. :cool:

I'd say just ask for them and see what happens. They can only say no, like the man in Dublin did to me when I arrived there from Zurich. :{

31st Jul 2008, 17:14
Surely even modern chimneys aren't that small. Many opportunities. Don't think negative.



10th Aug 2008, 14:11

The Maltese immigration officer was very abrupt and said "We don't stamp EU passports, its the law". Oh well !

I was impressed with MLA airport though. It was quiet, quick and clean and had enough shops etc. to keep you occupied. It was small but very spacious.

10th Aug 2008, 17:31
The law!? I have my doubts about that. I guess you were unfortunate to get the A$$h*le of the day. No country, which normally doesn't stamp passports, ever refused my request for a stamp either for me or for my kids.

Final 3 Greens
10th Aug 2008, 18:19

The Maltese immigration officer is absolutely correct.

He does not have the legal right to impose landing conditions on a citizen of another EU state.

So please do not insult a man who was acting correctly, for all we know the EU might be auditing the border at the moment or he might be on probation and under supervision.

It is rare for Maltese people to be abrupt for no reason.


I'm sorry that you didn;t get your son's passport stamped, but it does not surpsie me as I inferred in my earlier post.

The Maltese authorities can be sticklers for correctness, but this is also a two edged sword as they are usually very fair - e.g. a friend of mine had a car crash on his first trip to Malta and was amazed how the local wardens and the police diligently investigated the scene, before declaring that the Maltese driver was totally in the wrong and exonerating my friend.

10th Aug 2008, 19:43

I have been to Malta several times before and I agree that Maltese people are rarely abrupt.

Talking of car accidents, ten minutes after leaving the airport a car ran in to the back of me! Luckily there was no damage.

10th Aug 2008, 21:08
Are we talking indelible ink here? ;) Does this not qualify as child abuse? And if not, couldn't you just get the babies tattoos instead? :D

What *is* the opposite of "greengrocers' apostrophe" anyway? :)

Final 3 Greens
11th Aug 2008, 06:44

So, no doubt, you became familiar with the Maltese concept of "bumper to bumper" ..... no need to trouble the authorities :ok:

Hope you had a good time - I'm just about to take my family to Mellehia Bay for the day.

14th Aug 2008, 11:14
why dont you keep a travel scrapbook for your little one? thats what we have started for my daughter. Keep boarding cards, travel intinereys and stick a couple of photos and souvineers in there, far better than a stamp in the passport i think. :ok:

15th Aug 2008, 07:13
I entered France on a UK passport and asked the border police to stamp my passport. My reasoning was that I would have liked to have proof of when I first came to France. The stamp is just an F surrounded by stars and an arrow from left to right. The date is indicated as 04.01.06 and the airport of arrival - Toulouse, Blagnac. I have been working here since then, pay taxes have social security, etc. I really can't believe that that little stamp puts any restrictions on me. I have since left and entered many times and the passport is read electronically on leaving without fail, but often just waved through on arrival.

17th Aug 2008, 17:35
I really can't believe that that little stamp puts any restrictions on me.Not an expert here, and you'd need proper legal advice if you want to be sure. But you almost certainly live and work in France on the strength of rights given to you by the EU Treaties, simply on the basis of your nationality. It would be astonishing if they could be taken away by the accident of whether you had your passport stamped on a certain day.