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30th Jul 2008, 15:03
Until recently my most frequent flights have been from Bio to Abz where my employers are based. A simple request for this route on BA or IB websites would immediately offer Bio/Lhr (IB) and Lhr/Abz (BA). This "simple request" now brings up a message on BA website saying they cannot process the request because, amongst other reasons, it may involve more than SIX sectors.
A little deeper investigation shows that IB now fly Bio to Lgw instead of Lhr but BA don't fly Lgw to Abz. I now must go Bio to Mad and from there have a choice of BA or IB to Lhr from whence I can go BA to Abz.
I can however go AF Bio-Cdg-Abz. Not a difficult decision!
Will the much vaunted BA/IB merger return us to the original situation whereby there was a "choice" or are they, in effect, ditching what was a well used route between Bio and various UK destinations via Lhr?

30th Jul 2008, 18:07
Well I cant speak for IB unfortunately but the primary reason for BA closing down the LGW-ABZ flight was simply down to the fact that it is a route supported by the Oil and Gas industry. When BA moved its IAH flights from LGW to LHR it now meant that the LGW-ABZ was no longer required as now all the primary oil/gas industry routes were consolidated at LHR!

Me thinks it may be a case of having a word with IB! lol!

30th Jul 2008, 18:58
flybe have taken over the LGW-ABZ route think they have a code share flt no with ba like the INV-LGW route

30th Jul 2008, 20:35
Thanks for those replies. At the moment it looks like AF win a walkover. It's an excellent route but only a 50min connection time through a passport control that can be very crowded and some distance between gates. If only we were in Schengen.:(