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On the Spot
30th Jul 2008, 14:12
Anyone tried to get any water airside at an airport lately ?

The charges for bottled water range from expensive (2 x hop price) to diabolical (4x shop price).
I only know of one drinking fountain at Stn and that is for the whole terminal. I don't know of any at Lhr, Lgw, Lcy, Ema, Gla, Edi.

Commercial outlets can sometimes be persauded to provide tap water but it is not reasonable to expect it. They are profiteering from the current security rules in my view.

Airport management ignore comments and requests - obviously no money to be made.

So who is responsible for ensuring SLF do not die of thirst while waiting for their flights ? Animals are transported under better conditions !

The CAA are responsible for airside lounges but I guess only for keeping the SLF in.