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30th Jul 2008, 13:30
Wondering if pilots flying the north atlantic could provide answers to the following... Given that GPS has led to aircraft precisely following jet stream routes and thus each other across the north atlantic, why aren't more airlines following recommendations for randomised lateral offsets? This would certainly reduce the now common mid-atlantic wake turbulence experienced on most west-east flights. Be interested to hear pilots thoughts... :cool:

30th Jul 2008, 15:47
If by "randomised lateral offsets" you mean the Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure ( on Centre Line, or 1 or 2 miles right of your Assigned Track) on recently jaunts across the Pond I reckon there's been a pretty even spread of offset use....

"now common mid-atlantic wake turbulence experienced" (sic)..really? Can I ask why you are assuming that this turbulence you're experiencing in mid-Atlantic is of the wake variety? You've mentioned the Jetstreams: yep, we often fly in and close to the Jetstreams when Eastbound..and there is almost always significant turbulence associated with the Jetstreams themselves so a few bumps are usual on Eastbound Flights.

Whilst wake turbulence encounters do happen on the Atlantic they almost certainly don't happen on most flights.

22nd Aug 2008, 13:33
Thanks wiggy - good to know that it is more common. And to be honest I have only encountered what I am fairly sure was wake enduced turbulence on only two occassions, so admittedly it is not that common (just uncomfortable) :ok: