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compressor stall
15th Aug 2001, 05:24
Of the maybe 50 people I email, 3 receive my text as nothing but "". Just those 2 characters and nothing more.

I am using Outlook Express on a Toshiba Laptop running Win98 through a hotmail account.

There seems to be no pattern at all with the recipients' ISPs, and others with the same ISP receive my emails just fine.

Any ideas?


15th Aug 2001, 12:30
I had this problem too. Two ISP in particular, ATTGlobal and "egghead" - not only did they not get my text but I couldn't get theirs. I was using HTML, changed to MS Rich Text and finally found it all worked using plain text, (Tools, options, format in Outlook). One other way round was to type the message in Word, make it a Word attachment then send the message in any format, (adress and subject), with the attachment inserted.

Best of luck.

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compressor stall
15th Aug 2001, 13:44
I should add that when one person sent the email back to me, he also forwarded it to himself and was then able to read it, although the umlaut and the theta were still there...

16th Aug 2001, 00:41
This is a known issue in OLE.

The problem is the international settings selected in tools, options, (read andd send). Should be western european (windows)

Reinstall OLE if necessary, but remove it first, do not do a reinstall.

Of course, it could be on their end as well ...

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