View Full Version : 737-800 Air Pacific Missed Approach

29th Jul 2008, 04:26
Along with the story about a Qantas 737-800 with undercarriage problems, I was on an Air Pacific flight from Fiji to Vancouver with a stop in Hawaii. On final approach, the engines powered up and the plane went around as the pilot said he had a 'minor indication problem'. On the 2nd approach, we were flanked by 2 fire trucks either side down the runway and after taxing to the gate, he filled us in with the news that it was an issue with the landing gear.

Then, after being delayed for boarding while they 'fixed' it, we took off again, climbed to 10,000ft and the new pilot alerted us to the fact that the right gear wouldn't retract and we'd have to head back to Honolulu again.

Is this a problem with 737-800s at the moment?

29th Jul 2008, 04:38
Could be HYD issues.... WHo knows?

29th Jul 2008, 19:27
Sounds like pure terror.

29th Jul 2008, 19:31
Fiji to Vancouver! :eek: In a 737! :eek::eek::eek: What was the air like! I went on a Sydney-Brisbane and the air on the 737-800 really got my nose dry after 20mins...I can't believe they put such small planes on these routes...The A380 was good...the air only started getting up my nose in a dry way after 10 hours but nothing bad :)