View Full Version : Passenger reactions to QF30 de-pressurisation

27th Jul 2008, 23:14
Interesting to hear various passenger reactions to this incident:

- one guy saying he wanted counselling, cant sleep , oh my god I thought I would die........having his 15 mins of fame or shaping up for a compensation suit I would guess

- Another guy who complained that his oxygen mask wouldnt stay on. When the interview went further it turns out that he had got up and was looking for his passport?....perhaps if you just sit down and wait for further instructions it might work as intended...moron

- A lady who confessed to being a nervous flyer, said that in her cabin (premium economy) everything was fairly calm. Bang heard, masks down , put them on and wait for what's next. See remarked that once the descent was completed and they could take off the masks, she still had her glass of wine on the armrest.....so much for "plummeting". Very cool for a nervous flyer. Said she felt quite OK taking the Manila > Melbourne leg.

Guess it all depends on your temperament, where your sitting and how comfortable you are with flying. I would love to have a video of the faces of the people sitting over the site of the (apparently) exploding O2 bottle. It would have seemed pretty much like the end of the world to them for a few seconds.

27th Jul 2008, 23:37
Some people are just looking for opportunities to get compensation.

No doubt there will be plenty of "traumatised" people coming out of the woodwork in the next few weeks seeking compensation over this.

Someone ran into the back of my car a few weeks ago, I could have jumped on the whiplash claim but didn't - even the insurance company were trying to get me to go down that avenue but when my g/f ran into the back of someone at very low speed a few years back, the woman was claiming whiplash as soon as she got out of the car - obviously wanting to go down the compensation road, forgetting that whiplash takes some time to come on - if at all at less than 5mph !!.

That's just the greedy world we live in I guess.


27th Jul 2008, 23:51
Whilst I am inclined to agree that some of the pax are planning for money - and the glass of wine still on the armrest tells the story - do not ignore whiplash.

When my then partner was hit from behind, we did not realise how severe the whiplash was going to be. Even though we did manage to get what the lawyer thought was the highest payout that he had ever seen (from the other driver's insurance) - we were always out of pocket for the lost employment and other costs. And, 16 years later, she still has to be careful on how she picks up heavy boxes due to the way it affects her neck. Whiplash is real. Anyway, back to the thread.

Pax certainly will respond with their cultural and personal history in the foreground. Whilst glad that I was not onboard, I know that flying is as safe as it always was - at least if you stick with the premier carriers!