View Full Version : Balpa stop demotions at JMC (2)

20th Feb 2002, 17:48
I am delighted to add my thanks to the Balpa CC for preventing the illegal imposition of paycuts and now for stopping the illegal demotions.. . An excellent result for all pilots and an excellent outcome for the future of all JMC staff. A terrible result for the directors and managers who trampled over the staff.. . The Germans have finally started to influence policy in the airline. Emails to Dr Pischler have worked so continue to lobby him at;

[email protected]

Captain Gray as the staff representative on the board would be an excellent step. More consultation for less confrontation.. . Beware the pilot managers who claim their silence and support of those illegal policies was part of their strategy. They still behave as frightened rabbits in Dr Borais headlights. Again they are only concerned about their conceited ambition not our careers and not the airlines future.. . Your thoughts Beardy and Manchu?

20th Feb 2002, 18:29
GreenTale, very pleased to see you are approaching maturity perhaps we will see some sense from you in future.

I join you in congratulating the BALPA members in jmc and especially the Company Council.