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25th Jul 2008, 19:57
I apologise if this is the wrong forum. I am a bit confuzzled with the size of the pprune bored.:}

I am flying from Edinburgh on the 11th of August 2008 to Gran Canaria (Puerto Rico resort within it). And I was wondering fi anyone had any guess at the aircraft type and if the pilot is on this board?


25th Jul 2008, 20:02
Aww damn it!

Does anyone know if Monarch are more generous when it comes to leg room on the 757's than Thomas Cook are?

25th Jul 2008, 20:16
My dad always takes a wing seat however. he has the common help belief it is safer. The seats just behind the emergency exit. Never mind the fact i prefer to be as far back as possible.

Another question. When the plane is shut down or you are just disembarking is it legal to ask to view the cockpit? And will I look like a fool asking for the pilots signature?

Mr @ Spotty M
25th Jul 2008, 20:50
Think you will find that this not the case any more "superjet777-300", they only did this to two a/c while used for scheduled ZB flights.
B757 no longer used for ZB flights apart from the odd one now and then.
However a row of seats has been removed at the start of this summer season, so should not be as bad as TCX.
You will as pointed out be on a B757.

25th Jul 2008, 20:53
Thank you Mr Spotty.

I am very happy to know I will get a little bit more leg room. it is not good being a 6ft 15 year old and being stuck on a TCX 753 for 4 hours 30 minutes going to Zante. And I have a preference that the Monarch Airlines flight shall not be the same.


25th Jul 2008, 21:26
Sorry to correct you [email protected] Spotty M but all Monarch 757 a/c have the same config and it's the first 4 rows that have the extra legroom product plus the emergency exit seats further back.

im going in
25th Jul 2008, 21:29

As you state, all our 757's now have the extra leg room seats in the front. there are still quite a few ZB flights planned to operate on the 757.

Mr @ Spotty M
3rd Aug 2008, 16:59
Sorry for my incorrect information on the seating layout on the Monarch B757s.
Here is the correct info on what rows to sit in if you can.
Rows 2 DEF, 3 ABC & DEF, 4 ABC & DEF, 5 ABC & DEF and 6 ABC all have a seat pitch of 34 inches.
Seats 1 DEF & 2 ABC have a Toilet or Galley bulkhead in front of them and have about 23 inches from the seat to the bulkhead, this does not result in a 23 inch pitch however.
Row 10 has a double each side due to the No.2 doors and extra leg room, possibly the best leg room on the a/c.
Next best row is 31 with BC & DE the best seats in that row due to the No.3 doors, however they are right behind the two aft toilets.
Possibly worst seats row 30 no recline and row 9 has no recline on some seats.
The rest of the a/c has a 28 inch pitch.
Hope this is of help colsie?