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25th Jul 2008, 13:44
Hi. In the course of my duties it has become neccessary for me to travel to Manchester from Damascus next month instead of my usual destination of London.

Normally to London I use Turkish Air via Istanbul to Stansted in order to avoid Heathrow.

I hear from some websites and from SyrianAir website that they fly direct to Manchester but Manchester airport website shows no trace of flights from Damascus. I have tried to book but SyrianAir site says no flights on this day.

Can anyone in the business help and tell me if there are any Syrian arrivals to Manchester?


25th Jul 2008, 19:43
Hello DAr19, I don't think you'll fine anyone who flies direct from Dasmascus to Manchester. If you want to avoid Heathrow think about travelling Air France Damascus to Paris and then Paris to Manchester. If your preference is Turkish Airlines you could also go Damascus to Istanbul and then Istanbul to Manchester.

26th Jul 2008, 10:47
There have been RB aircraft at MAN from time to time though I don't know if they operate commercially, I would doubt it.


26th Jul 2008, 11:47
I think with RB (Syrianair) its hit and miss if they come to manchester or not!!! I use to work for servisair who handle them a few years back and we use to call it the secret syrian! it use to come direct from damascus on the old b747sp, then onto heathrow, or vice versa (again all depends on syrian) and other days they use to bring in smalller aircraft. Now some days we use to set up checkin as we thought there was a flight....but no passengers! other days we would be watching the screens in the office and all of a sudden a RB aircraft would appear showing landing in half an hour etc! thats why we use to call it the secret syrian!! now as i havent worked there for a few years now i dont know if they still operate into manchester but like others say, other options may be turkish, air france, klm etc.

26th Jul 2008, 11:55
Yes they do operate into manchester, i was on a syrian a320/321 recently that was departing to damascus

26th Jul 2008, 12:02
Really?! I always thought they were being positioned or something. How did you get a ticket on that??


26th Jul 2008, 19:06
As of the 1st July there are no direct flights from Manchester to Damascus.

Syrianair have cancelled ALL slots for the remainder of the summer.