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24th Jul 2008, 19:50
Do Ba Interlink Baggage With Delta Travelling To Jfk From Gla Via Lhr And Only Have 1hr 25mins Between Flights Was Wondering If This Would Save Time And Are Probs Sorted At T5 Yet

24th Jul 2008, 20:07
Usually (though someone may come and correct me) unless the whole journey is booked on the one ticket, your baggage won't be through checked and you'll have to collect it at Heathrow. And as Delta isn't part of the oneworld alliance, it's doubtful the whole journey will be on one ticket.

As for T5, as far as I know all is running smoothly...

24th Jul 2008, 22:08
cheers :ok:- whole journey is on one ticket do you happen to know transfer time between terminals 5 and 4 ive been reading some horror storries on this site

Yellow Sun
25th Jul 2008, 06:48
At 1hr 25mins domestic to trans Atlantic, I would suggest that you are already below the recommended minimum transfer time for an in terminal transfer. Terminals 5-4 will really be pushing your luck.


25th Jul 2008, 06:53
If you really only have 1 hr 25min between published arrival (brakes on) at T5 and published departure ( brakes off) at T4 then good luck....It"s probably "do able" if there are no delays at all to the inbound service, no delays in T5 ( which is generally now working OK) and the buses between the Terminal's run on time :ooh:

I reckon it's less than a 50% chance that you manage it - dare I ask why you've ended up with such a tight connection?

( edited to add: Yellow Sun - our posts' crossed, :ok: For interests sake where did you find the minimum transfer times between LHR terminals - I failed when I looked at ba.com)

25th Jul 2008, 10:11
You'll find out when you check in whether they through check your bags!

Anything is possible at Heathrow, such as flights running on time, security being easy etc. However, you will be pushed to make your connection. I suggest you wear some good, comfortable running shoes...

Edit - Found BA's transfer information (it's hiding under "Connecting at Heathrow") - they (well, BAA) suggest 2 hours connection time between 5 and 4.

Perhaps pack a folding bike in your carry on too...

Yellow Sun
25th Jul 2008, 10:32
( edited to add: Yellow Sun - our posts' crossed, For interests sake where did you find the minimum transfer times between LHR terminals - I failed when I looked at ba.com)


That was from memory, hence the phraseology "I suggest" rather than stating it as a verifiable fact. If it was me I think I would allow a minimum of 3 hours, I gave up stress when I retired!


25th Jul 2008, 11:48
Airlines at airports worldwide publish Minimum Connecting Times (MCT). The reservations systems are programmed to respect such times. The system I have most experience with is Galileo and it will not offer a connection that is less than the MCT. If someone deliberately books the so called connecting flights separately (but in the same booking) the system will permit this but warn the user. I believe the other systems do the same thing.

Therefore, in principle, the airline and airport believe you will make your connection but that rather assumes everything goes well. It also assumes that any bags are through checked.

So, back to your original question do BA and DL "interlink"? It's actually called "interlining" and, last time I looked, BA and DL do interline. The fact that you have one ticket covering both flights supports that because baggage and ticket interlining are usually covered in the same agreement.

So, when you check in at Glasgow point out to the agent that you are continuing to New York and ask them to through check your bags. On the resulting bag tag you will see the codes LHR and JFK. If you only see LHR the bag has NOT been through checked.

Through checking the bag does NOT mean you will automatically get boarding passes for all flights. You will probably have to visit the connections centre at Heathrow to do that. The LHR website explains how that works.

One last thing. It is possible that when you booked the flights the MCT applied. I have seen (rarely) situations arise where the MCT is revised between booking and travel. I have also seen flights rescheduled. Either change could result in a connection which was valid to become invalid. Try booking the flights on an online website such as Opodo and you can probably check that out yourself. Otherwise call the people you booked it through and have them verify that the MCT is still valid and if you don't get satisfaction from them you could try phoning Delta.

25th Jul 2008, 12:38
I would just like to enquire why this was booked on BA to Heathrow and then Delta to JFK, rather than BA throughout with a much simpler connection inside T5.

I am surprised it's all on one ticket with a connecting time of 85 minutes when the official MCT from T5 to T4 is 120 minutes. Who issued the ticket ?

It does seem that Heathrow takes a "for our own convenience" approach. Even within T5 the MCT is 60 minutes. At Munich Lufthansa has a MCT of 30 minutes and, guess what, I've never missed one there at this minimum level yet ! Baggage always makes it too. You're not going to tell me that T5 is larger than the whole of MUC. If time is short there are agents at the arriving aircraft, they know who is on a short connection, and they rush you through. Even on minimum-price fares (ie notably less than BA). Why can't Heathrow have the same approach ? Why ? Why ?

25th Jul 2008, 13:53
We did the same back in April - MAN-LHRT5-LHRT4-JFK

1hr50mins from belts off until arrival in T4 but this included 40mins waiting for bags (BA refused to check through).

Suggest 1h25m is unachievable plane to plane but to give it the best shot I'd certainly be looking at either an airside transfer or a cab if you have to come landside.