View Full Version : MSE - mama air etc...

20th Feb 2002, 17:23

I've just had an email from a mate at BA who said that the so called new airline featured in this forum were looking for senior and non executive board members/staff? does anyone know if that includes ground senior staff.

Apparanently it was posted on here this morning but I cant find the post anywhere? does anyone have any information on it.

I called the MSE airport and they seemed to give me the impression that everything was developing quick and this airline would start flying autumn or spring 2003. I got the web address off them but thats all.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Groover
20th Feb 2002, 19:01
Saw the post this morning, we gave it about 10 minutes before it was (quite rightly) deleted, I think it lasted about 5 !!. .They had a hotmail address, I think you could work it out by putting the airline name before 'hotmail.com'. . .If you are looking for a range of Senior Management people, obviously you dont get those by advertising in Flight etc etc etc.