View Full Version : CO service LGW-EWR over xmas pulled

23rd Jul 2008, 10:45
Last week, I was looking at flights to EWR xmas day from Gatwick, prices were resonable, the plane looked half full (seat map) but we need to get there to see family...

So I went online to book them today but its now saying 24/25/26 of December is not available - i called Continental to check this and they told me there not flying over xmas from Gatwick now.

Does this normally happen over xmas period, what about customers who already booked previously ??? What about VS on codeshare customers surely thay must have had some bookings ?

Looks like ill have to go to smelly LHR now.


23rd Jul 2008, 11:35
Majors cancel lots of flights over Xmas...right up to Xmas. Bookings usually are down, staff costs are up, crew shortages get severe, and it's often better to close up for a few days. Ground transportation is also severely limited, so they're minded to give up or severely scale back ops. They all do it. You are lucky to know so far in advance. It's the western world major holiday. You may be happy to fly over it to benefit from cheaper fares, but it is making the employees lose their major holiday day! All to provide a not-overwhelmingly important transportation service!

23rd Jul 2008, 11:50
so they're minded to give up or ...

Rainboe! I'm shocked and stunned. I'd have put good money on you, of all people, never using the word 'minded'. :ugh:

23rd Jul 2008, 12:12
thanks for info -

well glad i didnt book it last week - I take it i would have gotten a refund or credit if a had booked previously ?