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22nd Jul 2008, 20:31
Now that Ryanair is charging 8 (return) for UK originating passengers who check in online and want priority boarding, I thought about conducting a survey through PPRuNe amongst those who use Ryanair's OLCI: are you paying the extra and what are your views on the value-for-money represented by the 8 charge?
P.S. Have you noticed the way in which priority is sold on the Website? When flights have been selected, passengers are asked Would you like to be one of the first passengers to board the aircraft? Yes, I would, but I can't see how priority boarding guarantees that, especially on some flights, say between the UK and Dublin and Belfast, where, in my experience, a very high proportion of passengers have been in the priority queue. Perhaps it should be re-worded: something like Would you like to avoid being amongst the last passengers to board? might be more appropriate (and accurate):}!

22nd Jul 2008, 20:32
Why do you want to get on first? Remember you can't chose who will be sitting next to you.

eastern wiseguy
22nd Jul 2008, 20:45

Choose...see me!

Why do people persist with Leo and his airline?. I recently priced four return fares from Belfast to London Stansted and despite the headline fare of 0.98 pence it still finished at 260. Does all of the tax go to the airport?. Why are people charged a wheelchair levy?. I understood that the maximum number of less able bodied folks permitted on board was limited to 4. Nice little earner I suppose.

Easy got my business:ok:

22nd Jul 2008, 20:55
I always check-in online but never pay for priority boarding. I also nowadays don't bother queuing up for that long: it's tiring and annoying. And I always get a decent window seat.

Ryanair have two separate lines at STN and SNN: one for those with priority boarding and one for those without. It seemed to work very effectively.

Incidentally, I never pay more than 10 one-way including taxes to fly FR.

22nd Jul 2008, 21:44
Two reasons for me:
A - I want an emergency exit seat because there's more legroom. 4.00 per flight is well worth the money after suffering too many trips crammed into normal cabin seat pitch.
B - I know (as an a/c engineer) that I can open said exit without problems if the need arises.

22nd Jul 2008, 23:14
Funnily enough I often get an exit seat boarding last. I notice the cabin crew plonk themselves in the exit rows to keep people out. Get on last, give them a big smile, and you often get ordered into them! Aren't they pricing them extra? Every time I get on early, some gross specimen of humanity with a unique attribute- odour or size or 'alcohol a speciality' or carrying a squawking baby with a runny nose that will go right next to me, or a tantrumy infant- comes bang into the seat beside me. How nice to wonder through the cabin avoiding rowing couples, screaming children, drunkards, people spilling over into the next seat etc.

23rd Jul 2008, 08:38
I would only pay for priority boarding if I were travelling with my kids, if you're by yourself there is little point.Somebody earlier in this thread pointed that some loco's aren't as cheap as they seem, that is true but it's always been the case that some passengers have been paying fairly hefty fares. A couple of weeks ago I took my two kids back to the UK with EZY and three return tickets bale-luton cost me nearly a 1000. It was my own fault as I booked late and could only travel at certain times. There are always a number of passengers paying these types of prices on each flight. The tickets were still substantially cheaper than BA or Swiss though...

26th Jul 2008, 19:47
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