View Full Version : BA Flight - LHR > Milan Malpensa - Food?

22nd Jul 2008, 08:28

I'm flying to Milan on Friday at 07:45 and was wondering whether to get breakfast first?

Does anyone know what kind of snacks BA serve on a short haul flight at that time of day.

Many thanks,


22nd Jul 2008, 10:35
Are you flying Club europe, or Eurotraveller?

22nd Jul 2008, 12:08

Euro Traveller



Pax Vobiscum
22nd Jul 2008, 14:38
BA 'snack' these days seems to equate to a Jordans cereal bar + a cup of warm liquid, almost (but not quite) precisely unlike tea/coffee. If you're on expenses, get breakfast at T5 - otherwise, pack some sandwiches :ok:

22nd Jul 2008, 15:31
Many thanks - that is what I suspected based upon the use of the word 'snack'!

22nd Jul 2008, 15:57
You'll be given a sandwich of some sort (not sure if it's a breakfast roll or real square sandwich). Then tea/coffe/juice/water. You could always ask for a G&T as well...

Shame you're not on my flight. I make excellent tea and coffee. Proper strong stuff. Enjoy Milan!


22nd Jul 2008, 16:00
My other half can't eat bread (yeast intolerance) - so I think breakfast at the terminal will definitely be the order of the day.

Do you get many people ordering G+T's on an 0745 flight?



22nd Jul 2008, 16:22
Beware overpriced BAA food outlets. Whatever does Ramsay charge for breakfast in T5? Get a croissy and coffee before flight, a light snackette on the plane, and then....you are going to Italy! Cheap....utterly wonderful food and coffee. Just come back from Milan, cheap subway (1 Euro), gorgeous (and cheap) lunch in town near the Duomo. She's got a wheat intolerance? Tell her she can't have any of the croissy, no sarnie inflight, not sure about pasta........leave her behind!

Final 3 Greens
22nd Jul 2008, 17:07
Whatever does Ramsay charge for breakfast in T5?

A fair price for the quality of the breakfast provided :ok:

22nd Jul 2008, 17:49

Forget coffee and and lightly baked French bread. Before you leave home, partake in a full British, check this out............

http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b9/dazdaz1/fullEnglish.jpg (http://www.pprune.org/forums/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b9/dazdaz1/fullEnglish.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

Set you up for the day.


23rd Jul 2008, 11:46
I'd go to Giraffe and order one of their breakfasts... absolutely scrumptious and well worth it. I was on a God-early flight to TXL earlier in June, and I was happy for the breakfast I got in T5.

We got Brioche with Ham & Cheese, and coffee on-board.


23rd Jul 2008, 15:46
I'm flying to Milan on Friday at 07:45 and was wondering whether to get breakfast first?

Does anyone know what kind of snacks BA serve on a short haul flight at that time of day.As I understand it, Euro Traveller (economy) breakfast on this route:- Cold filled brioche Smoothie Tea & coffee Orange juice & water

28th Jul 2008, 11:28
Thanks everyone.

Giraffe was packed and extremely busy so we went to Plane Food instead.

Glad we did - excellent quality food and lightning fast service. On balance, I would say it was actually good value for money!

Food on the outbound flight was a bacon roll.

Flying back today at 1855 - will the food be a sandwich again?

Thanks again,


28th Jul 2008, 19:54
Flying back today at 1855 - will the food be a sandwich again?Probably too late for you now, but my information suggests:-Sandwich & chocolate biscuit Full bar Tea and coffee

29th Jul 2008, 08:12
It is slightly amusing to see the reactions, especially of Americans, who have flown over on AA in economy and then transferred to a code share flight on BA to elsewhere in Europe when they find the full bar service is free, even in economy. Admittedly, they probably need a couple of free drinks after the hassle of T5!

31st Jul 2008, 11:42
"Hassle of T5" is out of date now. Even this mornings Times editorial admits it. It is probably now the best large terminal in Europe and very easy to use for arriving, departing or transfer.

31st Jul 2008, 12:08
I thought T5 was marvellous.

Light and airy and everything was very quick. I didn't wait around anywhere for more than a few seconds - definitely the best airport I have visited.

I wish I could say the same about the flights. Very old tatty plane (G-BUSJ) which made an insanely loud buzzing noise throughout the entire journey - both ways.

It seemed like a heavy vibration from the right hand side and varied with engine power. Wishful thinking led me to expect that the noise would die down once we had reached cruise height but this was not to be. The only time the noise went away was when we were descending.

We flew with BA as an 'upgrade' from Easyjet who we last flew to Milan with and won't bother doing that again! Admittedly, the airport experience was better but it's a hell of a premium to pay for basically a sandwich, a coffee and a couple of inches extra legroom.


Pax Vobiscum
31st Jul 2008, 14:41
Hi Steve
I'd recommend that you continue to check the prices of both BA and easyJet for future trips - on occasions, you may find the size of any 'premium' a pleasant surprise!

31st Jul 2008, 18:12
Stevelup - that tatty old 'bus you were on is nearly 20 years old now. And in my experience the older A320's are rather noisy. Could be worse - burst tire, punctured fuselage, landing gear door not retracting to name a few of this week's "problematic" flights!

20th Aug 2008, 22:54
I have to say that taking into account that EasyJet will fleece you on excess luggage over the 20 kilo you're given (whereas BA will sometimes let it slide if you're a kilo or two over your 23 kilo allowance), I'll take BA any day with its premium over the LCC's.

And yes, the T5 palaver is getting rather old now. T5 seems to be running ok now, but no doubt if anything were to go wrong below stairs, it'll all come crashing down around our ears again.