View Full Version : BA birdstrike out of Heathrow

19th Jul 2008, 18:57
My flight (BA1399) from MAN to LHR was cancelled this afternoon due to technical problems on the inbound - later described to me, by a BA flight crew member who was waiting to 'hitchhike' on BA1399, as a birdstrike. The inbound 'incident' aircraft safely landed at MAN but is now grounded pending attention to engine.

I'll try again to get to South Africa starting with tomorrow's BA1399.

19th Jul 2008, 19:40

Sir George Cayley
19th Jul 2008, 20:20
Any news of the bird?

Sir George Cayley

19th Jul 2008, 20:33
No news yet,
Squawk......... lost.:O

FL370 Officeboy
19th Jul 2008, 21:02
Phew. Thank god you've got your finger on the pulse.