View Full Version : Charging for Hold baggage and Check-in, Illegal in Spain?

19th Jul 2008, 11:01
The Spanish Consumers' Association, Facua, has named 4 airlines for charging passengers for checking in baggage and also for charging for check-in, a practice, which it says is illegal under Spanish Law, one Spanish paper is reporting.

Facua has prepared a report, naming Clickair, Vueling, Easyjet and Ryanair for these making these charges, which it has formally presented to the Ministries of Development, Health and Commerce.

19th Jul 2008, 11:40
Well how about 'all hold baggage carried free of charge. Baggage must have an authorised label. Cost of baggage label- 4'.

They can't win.

Peter Fanelli
19th Jul 2008, 11:47
I'd prefer to see baggage in the hold carried free, carry on bags incur a fee based on weight.