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16th Jul 2008, 16:43
http://wizzair.com/useful_informatio...nsfer_payment/ (http://wizzair.com/useful_information/bank_transfer_payment/)

To make a bank transfer in the UK:

In Pounds Sterling (GBP):
Wizz Air account number: GB60 CITI 1850 0811 2103 94
Account holder name: Wizz Air Hungary Kft

Don't know if this is any use, but Wizzair now offer payment straight in to their bank account, free of charge. They quote a long bank account number but I have de-ciphered it (below). Meaning you can pay online via your online banking or via your branch and avoiding £5 or so worth of fees.

In theory I assume this will work, but obviously I have never tried it!

http://www.citibank.co.uk/personal/b.../faqs.htm#iban (http://www.citibank.co.uk/personal/banking/customerinfo/usingyouraccount/movingmoney/faqs.htm#iban)

IBAN stands for the International Bank Account Number and is used by banks in European countries for international funds transfers. Every customer has their own unique IBAN, which should be quoted for all international funds transfers.

The format of IBAN for Citibank-UK customers is as follows GBXXCITIYYYYYYZZZZZZZZ where GB – Great Britain, XX – Two digit numeric code, CITI – Citibank, YYYYYY – Citibank-UK’s Sort Code, and ZZZZZZZZ – Your 8 digit Citibank Account number.

So ...

GB60 CITI 185008 11210394
S/C: 185008 A/C: 11210394