View Full Version : Which seat letters on a VS 744 have the IFE box?

15th Jul 2008, 22:31
I've just found out that my VS flight to JNB this week will be serviced by a 744, not the "usual" 346. I have had annoying experiences with the IFE boxes under the seat before, so I'd like to know which seat letters contain the IFE boxes.

Is it all aisle seats (i.e. C, D, G and H)? Or does it depend on every two seats (i.e. C, then E, then G, then K in J-class as example)?

I've always flown the route on the 346, so this change has, how shall we say, caught me out. I've checked V-Flyer.com but it doesn't mention much really... the Config4 pages have shown that H is possibly restricted by the IFE box, so I've provisionally moved myself from H.

Any help much appreciated.


15th Jul 2008, 22:51
If you look on the pages on SeatGuru it usually highlights the seats which have the IFE boxes under them...

It says there are 4 versions of the 744 - the link here is to version 1 (http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Virgin_Atlantic_Airways/Virgin_Atlantic_Airways_Boeing_747-400_1.php). Hovering over the economy seats shows that seats C, G and H have the IFE boxes under them. I've not checked, but would think the other three versions are similar.

15th Jul 2008, 23:12
Thanks for the link. VS is up to V4 on their 744s now, but there is insufficient information on SeatGuru on Premium or Upper. :-\

I've amended based on Economy, I hope I've made the right decision. :-)


16th Jul 2008, 21:01
Version 1 doesn't exist anymore.

All LHR 744's are V4.

The LGW/MAN 744's are a mix of V2 and V3.


18th Jul 2008, 12:13
Just to follow up on this, VS601 was hosted by Mustang Sally yesterday, and I can confirm that row letters C and D do NOT have IFE boxes, and as such they are pretty good seats.

My thanks to Jason, Toni and Jo for a great service in Premium Economy. I hope you had a nice layover in Joburg.