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14th Jul 2008, 09:16
Ryanair's statistics show an excellent punctuality record, and I used to have no reason to doubt it.

However, we are frequent users of FR9803 from GRN to STN, and the last six flights have arrived late and departed even later - typically 30 minutes or more.

Are Ryanair cooking the books or is it just coincidence that every flight we take from Girona to London is late ?

Any other regular SLF's from Girona care to comment ?


14th Jul 2008, 11:14
Is the flight you asking about late in the day? If so it could just be the problem of a 10 or 15 minute delay in each of the sectors flown earlier in the day adding up to something substantial later on.

With the number of daily flights that FR does, overall, one flight being late even on a regular basis isn't going to skew that stats much - it is just bad luck!

The Real Slim Shady
14th Jul 2008, 11:24
The 98 flight numbers are normally GRO based aircraft.

The delay could be that slots are in force as it is peak season for Med flights, or that the aircraft is in late from another rotation due to slot or handling delays. If it has come from CIA just be grateful it gets in on the day you booked :D

CIA - why is there no IATA delay code for Italy?

17th Jul 2008, 21:54
One can now put just a plain flight number into Google and get the flight timings and for registering free on the site you can retrieve punctuality stats for a recent period of time

Crusty Ol Cap'n
18th Jul 2008, 14:32
I know that one airline I worked for recently would 'reschedule' flights if they knew in advance that a delay was inevitable. This then allowed them to record the departure as 'on time'.

I have only flown FR a handful of times and every time delayed. Could it be that FR are doing something similar in order to keep the statistics looking good?

19th Jul 2008, 12:38
Just type in a flight number and you will be auto linked to a site with the flight timings displayed, both timetables and actual.