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13th Jul 2008, 20:55
Hi all,
First time poster so please be gentle with me.
I'm flying from Schiphol to Lima with KLM in September. I believe that this will be on a 777-200. Not having flown such a distance before I was wondering whether this will be direct, as in, non-stop, or will it require a refueling stop en-route.
The last time I flew the pond it was on an L1011 which had to stop at Gander, so you can see it's been quite a while. I know modern aircraft have much greater range these days, but I'm not sure just how much.
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13th Jul 2008, 22:20
According to KLM website it's a 777-200ER. Plenty of range for that 13 hour trip without a fuel stop.

barry lloyd
13th Jul 2008, 22:50
It does show it as a direct flight. I'm amazed that KLM can find enough traffic to make it worthwhile to operate a direct service, but obviously they do. In my days of travelling to Lima (not so long ago!) the flight always stopped in the Netherlands Antilles.

14th Jul 2008, 00:42
Those were the days of the DC10 and the MD11. The 772ER has much more range than those aircraft. It has been flying to LIMA non-stop since last year. Inaugural flight to Lima was in a 772 named Macchu Picchu. They move a lot of cargo from Lima to Europe, so passenger loads arent that big of a deal.


14th Jul 2008, 09:31
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15th Jul 2008, 09:59
Thank you all for your time and replies. I was interested to see the speculation that it might not be a very full flight. Maybe an opportunity to stretch out a little en-route.
It's astounding to think that it will be non-stop. Thanks again.