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airmail 1
13th Jul 2008, 14:29
hi all,does virgin have trouble to jnb?had a friend going there last night,and it was cnx due no aircraft.same thing happen last week with another friend.put into hotel for night and put on am flight friend not very happy as lost day at work..

13th Jul 2008, 17:17
I hear they have had a few problems with a/c being late out of heavy maintenance which has caused major problems with the fleet.

I would imagine that the JNB flight is the easiest to reschedule as the a/c normally has a 12 hour layover in JNB, so it can operate down during the day and still get out again and back reasonably on time.


13th Jul 2008, 17:38
Don't say that... Jeez, I have a flight out that way on VS on Thursday and I cannot afford a reschedule.