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12th Jul 2008, 22:03
I'm thinking of using some of my airmiles to book a flight from Heathrow to LAX on one of the new direct flights offered by Airfrance. (codesharing with delta I believe)

Does anyone know which aircraft they use for this flight, and how good I could expect it to be if I went either business class or first class.
Do they have fully flat beds in first?

I'm not overly keen on AF short haul, and I was hoping that their longer flights were more comfortable.

Any input from those in the know will be gratefully received. :ok:

Mark in CA
13th Jul 2008, 01:36
It's a 777-200.

AF 060 westbound, 11:15 flight time

AF 061 eastbound, 10:15 flight time.

Seating charts here:

SeatGuru Seat Map Air France Boeing 777-200 Vers. 1 (777) (http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Air_France/Air_France_Boeing_777-200.php)

SeatGuru Seat Map Air France Boeing 777-200 Vers. 2 (777) (http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Air_France/Air_France_Boeing_777-200_new.php)

The second link is the version with the newer first and business class seating. Don't know which AF is using on this route. Call AF.

The "old" seats are "lie-flat" in first, "standard" seats in business. "New" seats are "flat" in first and "lie-flat" in business.

13th Jul 2008, 10:00
The business class service offered by AF is pretty good but be aware that the accommodation (in the newer C class) is not quite as good as some other competitors. The seats don't recline all the way to horizontal like they do in Club World (old and new) so you're pointing ever so slightly downwards. Also the IFE screen is in the seatback in front of you so offers less flexability.

That said it's still a very good service.

F is outstanding. I've only ever used it with miles and if memory serves me well the difference in miles between C and F wasn't that great. If you have the miles I'd recommend F.

14th Jul 2008, 10:38
Thanks for the info.

I've just booked up, and decided to splash out on the airmiles. I managed to get a seat first class both ways (version 2 of the links supplied by Mark :ok:).

A fully flat bed, (only 4 on each aircraft), and to be honest, it needed far fewer airmiles than I expected.