View Full Version : 14th July - Bastille Day in France

11th Jul 2008, 20:14
Love the French or hate them...? Express yourselves freely!

Whatever, looking forward to a 3 day-long weekend which started several hours ago, already on the Scotch...?! :ok:


11th Jul 2008, 20:26
I reckon we should plant a load of conifers along the channel. Spoil their light.

11th Jul 2008, 20:34
Too impatient to wait for Drapes to come along and say "Feck the conifers - what we need are a line of mines strung along the English Channel (or even la Manche) too. The odd French fishing boat illegally trawling our waters on the 14th July would certainly send up some picturesque fireworks..." :E

Can Drapes be better than airship pretending to be Drapes - that is the question...?! :ok:

Bleedin' eck, where is he?!

11th Jul 2008, 20:57
Isn't Bastille Day the one where everyone gets locked up?

11th Jul 2008, 21:03
No. It celebrates knocking down a whole prison which only contained one prisoner, doesn't it?


tony draper
11th Jul 2008, 21:18
Do you know what the sneaky feckers did on that day? they demanded the keys for said Bastille off the boss of the place and told him if he handed them over they would spare his life,so being a trusting soul he handed them the keys, they then pounced on him hacked off his noggin and ran through the streets wi it onna stick,yer just can't trust sneaky buggas like that.

11th Jul 2008, 21:20
Let's try to be fair. (Why?)

the English basically don't hate the French. We hate the French Government

The French, individually, don't really hate the English. They hate the English government

Many French hate the French government. Many English hate the English government.

So we actually have a common hate with many French people. How about we join together and get rid ot the godamn politiicians on both sides of the channel? The big argumen is 'Should their heads be on pikes on London Bridge, or on a bridge over the Seine?'

Vive la France!!

11th Jul 2008, 21:31
I quite like that Sarko. Leastways, I can't see into the inevitable corruption past his big clanky boules.

Besides, I'm gonna buy his Misuss' new album. That'll piss them Frenchies off. Them's not big on Carla's singing career one hears.

This channel idea, could we throw some burning tyres into a barge & sail it off to Calais?

11th Jul 2008, 21:33
Vive l'angleterre!

And vive the gay anglais who wear skirts north of the border aussi...!

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