View Full Version : Monarch Dublin to Sanford, why delayed?

11th Jul 2008, 18:42

Does anyone know the reason behind the 8 hour 30 min delay for the flight to Sanford?

It was due to depart this morning at 08:30am, didnt leave till 4:55pm

Any info is appreciated, I am due to fly on this flight next week and thats why I am wondering


11th Jul 2008, 19:17
Dare I say if this was GSM everyone would know the reasons for the delay!!


Mr @ Spotty M
11th Jul 2008, 21:25
The a/c G-EOMA was tech at LGW this morning, should have no bearing on your flight next week.
I would worry more about the ATC radar system which controls flow in and out of DUB, being serviceable and not going u/s again.
Have a good trip.