View Full Version : sabena throw toys out of basket

28th Aug 2001, 19:23
the usual antics of belgian pilots are at it again with the sabena pilots wanting to strike in order to get the contract back off Virgin Express. Vex has turned business around to show a profit (due to good management i believe) and now sabena wants the routes back to make more belgian pilots unemployed. when they did the routes themselves they made a loss so why not leave the routes to a successful product that is doing something right. bit of green eyed monster me thinks on behalf of sabena pilots also bullying their company into stupid decision. they dont stop to think that there are also BCA (belgian union)members in VEX that will lose their jobs - usual spinelessness again of BCA Sabena in taking what is not theres by bully boy tactics. - grow up or go do another job and leave it for professionals who want to feed their kids in peace. there is also the little matter of a large sum of money owed to VEX if sabena breaks its legal contract which expires in a few years. remember contracts are there for both parties protection - live up to your commitments sabena and use your money more effectively as you need it!!!!

29th Aug 2001, 00:35
I just love these wind-ups. A company that has not made a profit since Noah sailed his ark, a company that is ONLY just surviving at the moment because of Government and foreign investment, and the pilots are complaing and saying "Strike". As I said, I just love these wind-ups, makes me laugh for hours. :eek: :eek: :eek:

29th Aug 2001, 12:25
I can see both sides here - Sabena workforce see it as work being taken away from them which nobody likes whilst Vex are a happy bunch as they see more work coming their way. What Vex need to consider is what happens when A.n.other airline comes along under cuts Vex and takes the routes away. I would suggest that this is the real reason that Sabena are not happy. Remember there is always someone willing to do it for less and unless some protection is applied routes will continue to move away.

29th Aug 2001, 13:10
this is very true, except a contract is a contract!! it is there for the protection of both parties. i hear the deal is not extortinate and very fair to both parties, again, sabena signed the contract for a few more years, tough as may be for them, they must forfull their commitment